Smart OMO FAQs



From collecting customer profiles, checking store performance, recording store referrals, and generating online purchase recommendation links, SHOPLINE's Smart OMO integrates your online and offline store operations with no stress. It helps you build a brand impression and communicate with target audiences, improving customers' stickiness. 

This article provides some frequently asked questions related to operating Smart OMO. Please feel free to contact the Online Merchant Success Team for setup procedures and other details.


1. What is the difference between Smart OMO and POS?

Smart OMO mainly collects customer information and does not have product details. It can also generate links to help retail store customers continue purchasing in online stores.

The POS focuses on retail store checkouts and inventory management. You can also view product details when orders are created.


2. Questions related to installing Smart OMO

Q1. If the icon of Smart OMO is not displayed when bookmarking from the webpage to the desktop.

A1. Please update the iOS to the latest version and then re-operate to add it to the desktop.



Q2. I cannot add Smart OMO to the desktop.

A2. Please confirm whether you have copied the correct Smart OMO link:

and manually paste the link to the corresponding browser and then open it to add to the desktop, according to the device you are using.

  • Safari: iPhone, iPad.
  • Google Chrome: Android Phone, Android Tablet, Windows Computer, MacBook


3. Login screen

Q1. After the administrator logs in to Smart OMO, the store list is blank and cannot be displayed normally.

A1. Please swipe up from the bottom screen to close and reopen Smart OMO. If it still cannot be displayed normally, please log in again.



4. Membership registration

Q1. If the customer cannot receive the registered SMS

A1. Please contact the Online Merchant Success Team to check the sent SMS record. 


Q2. If the jump page of the LINE account SMS authentication is unsuccessful

A2. Please first confirm whether the customer's LINE account has a registered email. If the customer's LINE account does not have the registered email, it will not be bound.



Q3. If the customer has signed up with the LINE account in the online store, will the Smart OMO page jump to the page to bind their LINE account upon registration?

A3. The page will still jump, but the authentication will fail.

Smart OMO currently captures the email in the customer's LINE account for verification. If the customer's mobile phone is used to register in Smart OMO (despite the phone number being the same as the one authenticated by LINE), the system will still recognize it as a different account. If another member account has already been bound to the customer's LINE account, the system will block the procedure to bind the membership account to the LINE account. 


Q4. The keyboard spacing on the member search page is abnormal

A4. Please confirm if you are using the correct browser to open Smart OMO. For instance, this situation may occur if you open Smart OMO on Chrome using an iPad uses Chrome.



5. Recommended product link

Q1. I cannot find a product in "Recommended Products."

A1. Please check the product to see if

  1. It has been published in the online store
  2. Whether it has a hidden price, products with a hidden price are not regarded as products the staff member can promote for online purchase. Therefore you will not find the product in the recommendation section. 


Q2. The search logic of recommended products


  • Chinese
    1. You can search by entering single characters, like "香," and the search result will appear products containing the character "香" like "香皂" and "香氛."
    2. Product names that include that character will appear in search results regardless of the character's position. For example, if you enter "香," the search results will display all products whose names contain "香," such as "香氛," "手工香皂" and "擴香棒."
    3. There must be no spaces between characters to search for products by more than one character. For example, "香皂" must be entered instead of "香 皂," otherwise the result may be inaccurate.
  • English and other languages
    1. You can also search by a single character with a fuzzy search available. The search is case-sensitive. For example, entering "s" will display products whose names begin with a lowercase s; entering "S" will display products whose names start with an uppercase S.
    2. You can search continuous fields such as "soap."
    3. Complete fields are not case-sensitive. For example, entering "soap" or "SOAP" will display the same search results.
  • Barcode

    1. You can search with the first five digits but not the last five.


6. Coupons

Q1. While checking out, when I tap the "first-purchase discount" single coupon code" (also set it to be shown in the Member Center in the online store), the system indicates that the customer is not eligible for the first-purchase discount. However, when re-entering the customer details page, I still see the first-purchase discount coupon.

A1. Please set the first-purchase discount to "Get Coupon Link" for the time being to avoid such a situation.




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