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Ninja Van is a tech-enabled express delivery company providing hassle-free delivery services for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia.

Integrating Ninja Van’s services into your SHOPLINE store allows you to enjoy fuss-free, one-click fulfillment and preferential rates, and also gives your customers a wide range of shipping options to choose from.

In this article, you'll find


1. Feature highlights 

  • Generate a Ninja Van waybill number in SHOPLINE Admin
  • No more handwritten waybills—simply print the waybill with the click of a button. 
  • Automatic shipping status updates and customer notifications 


2. How to set up Ninja Van

To request Ninja Van logistic integration with SHOPLINE, please prepare the information below and submit your application here:

  • Business Entity Information
  • Contact Details 
  • Shipping Address 
  • Bank Details 
  • Shopline URL/ Handle 
  • GST registration (if any) 

Please contact the SHOPLINE merchant success team if you require any further assistance.

Upon submitting the application form for Ninja Van’s integrated logistic service, SHOPLINE will assist with the creation and activation of the Ninja Van delivery option in your admin panel.

Please check and continue to set up your delivery details and fees by going to [Settings] > [Delivery Options].



  1. Orders created with another shipping method do not support editing/changing the shipping method to integrated Ninja Van service.
  2. COD orders have to be placed together with the Ninja Van COD payment option. SHOPLINE will set up Ninja Van COD payment option when setting up the Ninja Van COD delivery option.
  3. Currently, Ninja Van integrated service only supports domestic delivery, which means your pickup address and customer's delivery address must be in Singapore. 


3. Service Introduction

Parcel Dimension Restriction

Delivery Time

Delivery Coverage

L+W+H ≦ 300 cm

Max weight 30 kg

Parcels will be delivered to customers within three working days, starting from the day after the Ninja Van driver picks up parcels.

e.g.: A parcel has been picked up on 2/10, and will be delivered to the customer within 2/11~2/13


Cash on Delivery Fee shall be calculated on a per-collection basis, and shall be the greater of:

i) $1.00 per Cash on Delivery Service, or

ii) 2.5% of each cash payment collected


For packaging guidelines and regulations, please refer to Ninja Van’s Packaging Guidelines. Parcels must be packaged according to Ninja Van's packaging guidelines. Items that are not appropriately packaged or labelled as such will be subject to relabelling and/or repackaging by Ninja Van at the shipper's cost.

Ninja Van reserves the right to reject and/or decline to deliver any parcel that is not appropriately packaged or labelled.


4. Shipment Process

Step 1. Execute Shipment

  • Single Order 
    Click on a "Non-executed" order. You will see an "Execute Shipment" button on the order details page.
  1. Click on the Execute Shipment button
  2. Check your pickup address and select the preferred Ninja Van pickup date/time slot.
    *Please double-check the information before clicking Confirm. Once a shipment has been executed, it cannot be edited. 

    • "Execute Shipment" means sending order details from SHOPLINE to Ninja Van. After the order is created by the Ninja Van system, the delivery status will be updated to "Pending Pickup".
    • For Singapore, pick-ups will happen Mon-Fri (1 p.m.–6 p.m.). The cut-off time for order submission for same-day collection is 1 p.m.
    • Ninja Van will pick up the parcels based on your selected pickup date/time slot unless otherwise communicated.
  • [Coming Soon] Bulk execution of shipments


Step 2. Printing waybills and labelling parcels

A. Printing a label for a single order

After the order delivery status is updated to "Pending Pickup", you can print off the label/waybill as you wait for the Ninja Van driver to collect the parcel.

To print a label/waybill for an order, click on the [Print Labels] (waybill) button next to the product details under the order details page.



For more tips, refer to Ninja Van’s Packaging Guidelines

B. [Coming Soon] Bulk print labels


Step 3. Ninja Van driver collects parcel

Ninja Van drivers will come at the selected date/ time to pick up parcels and will contact you via phone.

If you have any problems in the pickup process, such as driver's rude behavior or no show-up, etc., please report via email to with the following details:

Tracking Id :
Date Of Delivery :
Issue :


5. Prohibited Items

  • Credit cards or ATM cards
  • Human or animal remains religious artifacts.
  • Firearms or swords
  • Living things
  • Poisonous or toxic substances
  • Examination certificates, passports, and insurance documents that cannot be reproduced
  • Written drafts, original films, tapes, and film material that cannot be reproduced.
  • Flammable, ignitable, or volatile items such as fireworks, kerosene, gas canisters or paint thinner
  • Cash, cheques, bills, stocks, and other marketable securities
  • Perishable items such as vegetables, fruits, etc.


6. Notes

Ninja Van Customer Service Contact Info:






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