How to Contact Online Consultant on POS app

_____33.pngStaff can reach SHOPLINE online consultants on the POS app with the "Contact Us" feature. You can find the steps below to enable this feature.


1. Enable "Contact Us" feature 

Step 1

In POS app, click on [Settings] > [Contact us]. Slide the "Enable contact us" toggle switch on (green). 


Step 2

After you have enabled the feature, the feature button will now appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the POS app. Click on the speech bubble button to open a new conversation window. 




2. Disable "Contact Us" feature

Step 1

In POS app, go to [Settings] > [Contact Us].

Step 2

Slide the toggle switch on the right to the "off" position (gray). The feature button will also no longer appear in the bottom right-hand corner once you have turned this feature off. 



3. Remarks

1.  This feature cannot be used without an internet connection. Messages will not be sent in offline mode. 



2. If you receive a message after the feature has been turned off, a dialog box will still appear. Slide the dialog box off to the right of the screen to dismiss it. 







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