Executing shipments with Ninja Van

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*Please contact SHOPLINE's Online Merchant Success Team to apply for this service

Merchants in Vietnam are now able to apply for Ninja Van's integrated logistic service for executing shipments. SHOPLINE will help to create a Ninja Van delivery option for use in SHOPLINE Admin after your application has been approved. Once you have been approved, you can check delivery details and fees in [Settings] > [Delivery Options]. Merchants can also save time on executing, re-executing, cancelling, and printing labels for multiple Ninja Van-shipped orders at once by using bulk actions.

The Ninja Van logistics option for merchants in Vietnam is currently only available for domestic deliveries. This means that both your pickup address and your customer's delivery address must be in Vietnam .


Important notice: Orders created with other shipping methods cannot be edited or changed to the integrated Ninja Van service.

Cash-on-delivery payments for deliveries made with Ninja Van need to use the Ninja Van COD payment option. SHOPLINE's Online Merchant Success Team will help set up the payment option at the same time as the delivery option.




Shipment process

Step 1. Execute shipment

Click the order that is "Non-executed." You will see the [Execute Shipment] button in the order details page.



After pressing the [Execute Shipment] button, the [Basic Sender Info] window will appear. Double-check the pickup address, choose the parcel size, and reserve a pickup time.

*Please make sure the information is correct before you click [confirm], as you will not be able to edit the order after this point.




Please note:

  1. [Execute Shipment] will send the order details from SHOPLINE to Ninja Van. Once the Ninja Van system has created an order, the delivery status will be updated to "Awaiting Shipment." You can now print out the label and wait for Ninja Van to pick up the parcel.
  2. Ninja Van will pick up parcels within three days of the selected pickup date. Same-day pickup is not currently supported. The pickup date will be postponed until the next working day if your reserved date falls on a national holiday or a weekend. 
  3. Parcel size is a reference for Ninja Van to help assign the right vehicle. Please choose the size of the largest item if you have multiple parcels in one order. The delivery fee will be charged based on parcel weight after Ninja Van measures the actual weight in their distribution center.
  4. Ninja Van will pick up parcels within three days of the pickup date you booked.
    For example, if you chose Aug. 25th as your pickup date, Ninja Van will pick up your orders between Aug. 25–Aug. 27. (excluding public holidays and weekends).

Step 2. Print out parcel labels 

When the order delivery status is updated to "Awaiting Shipment", you can print the parcel label (waybill) and wait for Ninja Van driver to pick it up.

On the [Order Details] page, [Print Labels] button is located in the [Product Details] section.


Step 3. Ninja Van Driver pickup 

A Ninja Van driver will come on the reserved date to pick up parcels and will contact you via phone.
If you have any problems with the pickup process, such as driver behavior or a no-show etc., please send an email to support_vn@ninjavan.co. with following details:

Tracking Id :
Date Of Delivery :
Issue :


Prohibited items 

  • Credit cards or ATM cards

  • Human or animal remains, religious artifacts
  • Firearms or swords
  • Living things
  • Poisonous or toxic substances
  • Examination certificates, passports, and insurance documents that cannot be reproduced
  • Written drafts, original films, tapes, and film material that cannot be reproduced
  • Flammable, ignitable, or volatile items such as fireworks, kerosene, gas canisters or paint thinner
  • Cash, cheques, bills, stocks and other marketable securities
  • Perishable items such as vegetables, fruits etc.

Bulk actions 

Merchants can use bulk actions to execute/re-execute/cancel multiple Ninja Van orders, as well as print parcel labels for batches of orders at the same time.


* Please note:

  • Only store owners and staff with permission to edit orders can execute bulk actions.
  • You cannot edit the pickup address when executing/re-executing shipments.
  • The pickup address will not be shown when bulk executing/re-executing shipments.


Bulk execute/re-execute Ninja Van orders

Step 1.

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Order Management] > [Orders] and select [Ninja Van (via SL logistics) Order Management] from the dropdown menu on the right-hand side.



Step 2. 

Once you have chosen Ninja Van (via SL logistics) Order Management, choose either [Non-executed] or [Cancelled] orders using the tabs at the top of the page.



Step 3.

Select all of the orders that you want to execute/re-execute, and then click the [Execute Shipment] button.



Step 4. 

You can select either [Dropoff] or [Pickup] for the pickup type.




Bulk print labels 

Step 1. 

Once you have chosen Ninja Van (via SL logistics) Order Management, go to the [Awaiting Shipment] tab.



Step 2.

Select all of the orders that you want to print labels for, and then click the [Print Labels] button.



Step 3.

Go to [Report & Analytics] > [Bulk Action Process] to check whether the bulk action you have just executed has been successful. To download a single final containing the waybills/parcel labels of all of the orders included in the bulk action, click the [Download] button in the [Result] column.



Bulk cancel orders 

Step 1.

Once you have chosen Ninja Van (via SL logistics) Order Management, go to the [Awaiting Shipment] tab.




Step 2.

Select all of the orders that you want to cancel shipment of, and then click the [Cancel Shipment] button.





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