Retail Store Price Setting | POS Admin


Note: This feature is available for merchants using both e-Commerce and retail POS plans.

Merchants operating both online and retail stores can strategically set store exclusive prices, and check out retail store prices on the SHOPLINE POS app.


1. Steps to set up on admin dashboard 

Step 1

Go to [SHOPLINE Admin][Product & Categories][Products], and click on the Edit button next to the product you wish to modify the retail store price. 



Step 2

On the Edit page, select Quantity & Pricing tab, and scroll down to Retail Store Price

Input the price and click the blue Update button. The price will be updated to the POS app.



For products with variations, you can set the retail store prices in the Variation tab. The retail store prices of products with variations are individual. 


If you have selected Same price as main product for the product with variations, please input the retail store price in the Quantity & Pricing tab.


If a product is added through the POS app and its price is set, it will be the Retail Store Price by default. 4.PNG


Tap the product in the cart on the right to edit the price. (For example, the grayed out "$580" is the default retail store price). 



*Note: To enable this feature, please make sure you have updated the POS app version to 1.17.0.

1. Go to [SHOPLINE Admin] > [Setting] > [Product Settings]

2. Toggle ON for Customized Price under the "POS tab". 

3. Swipe up on the app's preview to close the POS app and reopen it to use the feature. 



2. Display on the POS app

i. Cashier

Price display order: Retail Store Price> Sale Price> Regular Price

  • If the retail price is set, the "Price" on the POS app will display the retail store price, and checkout with the retail store price.
  • If the retail price is not set, the "Price" on the POS app will display the sale price (set on the admin dashboard). If there is no sale price, the regular price will be displayed instead. 

*Note: The "Price" on the app will show the regular price set in the Admin Panel, and the online store will give priority to display the regular price. If there is no regular price but sale price, the "Price"on the app will display $0, while the online store will display the sale price.



ii. Display on labels

Tap [Setting] > [Label] and select whether you wish to print the regular price or selling price on the labels. You can customize the price to be displayed on labels. The display logic is the same as described above. 



3. Display on purchase orders

The Price displayed in the purchase order record will display according to the price display order.



3. Remarks

  1. The retail store price does not yet support the bulk product upload/update feature.
  2. The POS app does not yet support setting the retail store price when adding a product. Please set it up in the Admin Panel.
  3. To retrieve the price change record, please go to [Products & Categories] > [Products] > [Edit] > [Activity Logs] > [Product Updated].






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