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Whether placing an order by commenting "+1" on a livestream, or clicking the "Buy Now" button on your online store, SHOPLINE's soon-to-be-released Fast Checkout feature significantly simplifies the checkout process for customers.


This article will cover the following: 


1. Fast checkout settings 

Step 1. Enable the feature 

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Checkout Settings] > [Fast Checkout]. Using Fast Checkout simplifies the purchase action in your store from a three-step (Cart page → checkout page → order confirmation) to a two-step (Checkout page → order confirmation) process. 



i. Brand store 

After enabling Fast Checkout, customers can access the Fast Checkout page on your storefront via the Mini-cart page or a product's "Buy Now" button.

1. Mini-cart page


2. Buy Now button 



ii. Social Commerce (Livestream, Message Center)

Customers can place an order during a livestream by commenting "(keyword) +1". They can then click the "Checkout" button in their order confirmation message to proceed directly to the Fast Checkout page. Alternatively, a merchant can create an order for them in the Message Center.



Step 2. Optional settings 

1. [Modify quantity of cart item]: Merchants can change the settings in SHOPLINE Admin to allow customers to change the number of a given product in their cart on the Fast Checkout page. 

- Toggle switch OFF  

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- Toggle switch ON  

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2. [Checkout without customers fill full name]: When this is enabled, the "Full Name" field will not appear on the Fast Checkout page. Customers will not be required to provide a full name to checkout. 

- Toggle switch OFF 


- Toggle switch ON 


Please note: The email field is optional if your store has enabled the "Checkout without email" feature. 

If you wish to add additional fields, such as date of birth, gender, etc., then go to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Customer Settings] > [Preset Fields]. For more information, please see: Birthday Settings & Notice


3. [Checkout without checkbox of "I agree to the shop's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy"]: If this is enabled, an "I agree to the shop's Terms of Use and Privacy" box will not be displayed on the Fast Checkout page. 

*Note: Please read the contents of the reminder box carefully before clicking "Agree."



- Toggle switch OFF 


- Toggle switch ON (A link to your store's terms and conditions will appear at the bottom of the page.)



2. Fast Checkout page overview

After placing an order, customers can complete their purchase on the Fast Checkout Order Confirmation page



After a customer has filled out their details, they can then click Place Order to finish the checkout process.



If you set a lock inventory time for livestream products, a "Live Stream limited time reservation _ piece(s)" will appear under the product on the Fast Checkout page.



3. Notes

1. The payment options in the table below are supported on the Fast Checkout page:



2. The following features cannot be used with Fast Checkout: 

  • Store Credits (The maximum store credit amount will be applied automatically, but customers cannot change the amount by themselves)
  • Member Points 
  • Gifts redemption with the Member Points campaign
  • T-cat, HTC, and custom logistics shipping options 
  • PayPal Express payment option
  • YTO Express cross-border 
  • E-invoices
  • Orders that require customers to log in as members
  • Cart Add-on items 
  • Coupons redeemable only by logged-in members


3. The following checkout page reminders are not currently supported on Fast Checkout (this will not affect the checkout process):

  • Reward credit/earn point reminders
  • Non-applied promotion reminders  






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