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* Supported only for: HKD stores/Hong Kong-based merchants. 

Merchants using SHOPLINE Payments can download payout records and settlement details in the Admin to save time on balancing reconciliation! 


How to download SHOPLINE Payments payout record and settlement details? 

i. Settlement details of each payout record

Go to the Admin Panel, and click the Hello, (Your name) on the top right corner to enter SHOPLINE Payments Account



You can retrieve the payout and reconciliation records through the following steps:

1. Under "Next Payout", you can click View to retrieve the latest payout transfer details.



You can also download the payout report.



2. In the Overview of SHOPLINE Payments, click View all payouts next to "Recent Payouts". 



Click View.5.jpg


Next, you can see the details of the payout. You can also click Export Payout Details to get an Excel copy. 



There are 4 Worksheets under this Excel file: Order, Refund, Adjustment, and Reserve.



ii. Monthly integrated statement

On the Overview page of SHOPLINE Payments, merchants can export the statement by clicking the top right button. 

  1. Integrated Statement (Monthly): Including the end-of-month account balance and all transaction details. The statement is available on every first day of the month.
  2. Transaction Records: Including different types of transaction details. A single export can cover up to 92 days of records.



You will find 7 worksheets under the integrated monthly statement: Statement Summary, Orders, Refunds, Chargebacks, Payouts, Reserve Held, and Reserve Released.







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