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* Supported only for: HKD stores/Hong Kong-based merchants.

In this article, you will learn the information required for applying for SHOPLINE Payments as a sole proprietorship entity.


Step 1. Basic review

Please select Sole Proprietorship for the business type and enter the company information.

  • The enterprise basic information must be identical to the information appears on the business registration document. The enterprise information will be used in both basic and advanced reviews. The bank account holder for payouts must be the same as the company name.
  • Please enter the owner information of the sole proprietorship under "Owner's Basic information."
  • The "transaction name" is the name displayed on the customer's monthly card statement. Please use a name that is highly recognizable so that customers can relate the transaction to your store (limited to 19 characters in length)
  • The email address will receive notifications from SHOPLINE Payments (limited to 32 characters in length).

After filling in the information, please check the box for "I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service" and click Submit primary documents.



Step 2. Advanced review

The holder of the payout account will be reviewed. After completion, the funds can be automatically remitted to the bank account and used for refunds directly through the Admin.

1. Required business advanced information

  • Please enter the address within 6 months. Please do not enter a P.O. Box address.
  • Please click Upload enterprise registration certificate, then fill in the expiration date of the certificate and date of establishment.
  • Upload enterprise registration certificate - The text must be clear. The file format can be JPG, PNG, JPEG, PDF, and WORD. Please upload the image within the size limit of 100KB - 10MB or a document within the size limit of 1KB - 10MB.



2. Partner Advanced Information

  • Please enter the information of the sole proprietor. 
  • Please upload the front and back sides of the ID document. 
  • If you upload the ID card for the review, please select Permanently for the expiration date.
  • Please do not enter a P.O. Box address.



3. Payout bank account details

  • Please select the bank to which the payout account belongs in the “Bank Name” drop-down menu. The account name will be the same as the name on the enterprise registration certificate. Please enter the bank account number with the branch code and account number (xxx-xxxxxxxxx).
  • Please upload a bank account opening certificate or bank statement issued in the last 6 months. All text must be clear and readable. The account holder must be the same as the applicant's name, and the date, address and bank account number of the monthly statement should be clear and readable.
  • Currently only one bank account is supported as the default payout bank account.



4. Store information

After completing and uploading the documents required, select the sales type and enter the main product you sell and GMV. Please read and check "I agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service," and then click Submit to submit for the advanced review.







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