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Facebook Page Shop features allow you to build your online shop easily and along with all kinds of Facebook applications. You can use Facebook Shop to draw customers' attention and help them find the products they need.

Now, you can integrate Facebook Shop with your online shop just in a moment. If you want to know more about Facebook Shop, please refer to About Shops on Facebook

To install and edit Business Extension with Shop, the Facebook account you logged in to will need access to assets like "Facebook Business Manager", "Facebook Page", "Catalog" and more. We recommend you make sure your Facebook account has owned the admin access to all these assets. You can share access to the advertising partnership after the installation.


⚠️ Notes:

  • If you have not installed the new version of the Facebook Pixel (You can go to [Marketing & Tracker] > [Tracker Settings] and see if the Edit button of Facebook Pixel is grayed out. If so, you are using the old version.) It is recommended that you select "Only Business Extension" first to install and confirm the assets installed in the Facebook Business before adding a Shop. Please also pay attention to the remarks when upgrading the Pixel, and confirm that the Pixel used by DPA is under the store’s Tracking Settings after the upgrade. For more details, please refer to this FAQ article: Facebook Business Extension
  • Beginning 10 August 2023, businesses with a shop located in APAC (except for Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand) will no longer be able to host a Facebook Page Shop or Instagram Shop. That is, Facebook Shops or Instagram Shops located in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong will be unavailable after the above-mentioned date. For more details, please refer to Meta’s official announcement.


This article will cover the following:


1. Install Facebook Shop

Step 1

If you haven't installed FB Business Extension, please go to SHOPLINE Admin > [Channel Integration] > [Facebook], and click Install Now below the "FB Business Extension" section.

Then, follow the installation guidelines. For more details, please refer to Facebook Business Extension.

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Step 2

Go to [Channel Integration] > [Facebook]. In the "Sell products through Facebook & Instagram Shop" section, click Start setting.



Step 3

There will be a Facebook pop-up window that shows your login account. If you have not logged in yet, please log in with a Facebook account that has permission to manage assets. Then click "Continue as (your account)".



Step 4

Check the feature you want to install and click Get Started.

*Note: Your Instagram business account must be eligible to use Instagram shopping features. If your account is not eligible, please do not select Instagram Shopping at this step. Please refer to the official info from Facebook to complete the authentication application on Instagram.



Step 5

Select your business manager.

If the Facebook account you logged in can use the Business Manager, the screen will show your access to the Business Manager and assets. Select the bullet for each asset, or click Create New at the upper right to create one. Your chosen assets will be shown and then please click Continue.



Step 6

Connect a Facebook Page. The Facebook Shop will be displayed on the respective Facebook Page.

When selecting Page, please check the Facebook account you logged in which has admin access to the current Facebook Page. After choosing the Page, Facebook will transfer all the access permissions of your Page to the Facebook Business platform you selected for the FBE.



Step 7

Connect to Instagram.

You can also choose to skip this step. If you skip it, you will not add new product information for Instagram Shopping.

*Note: Your Instagram account has to be eligible for Instagram shopping (please refer to this Instagram official page). If not, the Instagram account wouldn't be able to be connected.



Step 8

Select a catalog.

FBE may show the option "Products for XXX personal catalog" when selecting catalogs. Since this catalog is your personal asset, you would not be able to view it in Facebook Catalog Manager after connection. We suggest that you select another catalog or create a new catalog instead of using the personal one for FBE. It would help you manage your assets more easily.



Step 9

Select your ad account.

You can also consider skipping connecting to an ad account.


Step 10

Select Facebook Pixel.



Step 11

Create a commerce account.

If you don't have a commerce account, you can create one and set up a checkout method in the window. It is recommended that you choose the checkout method "Checkout on my Website".

*Note: The checkout method of a commerce account cannot be modified after it is created. Please make sure you select "Checkout on my Website" to redirect customers back to the store's webpage.



Step 12

Confirm your commerce account.



Step 13

Confirm the chosen assets.



Step 14

Allow permissions. Please make sure that you allow all the following authorization options.

*Note: Please be assured that SHOPLINE only serves the purposes of function connection and product data transfer. It does not have the authority to operate advertising accounts and business management platforms.



Step 15

Click Done to complete the Facebook Business Extension integration.EN16.png


2. Confirm the installation

Please wait at least 5-10 seconds for the data to be updated. Once completed, it will display "Activated".

In the "Shop" tab, click Manage Settings next to "Facebook & Instagram Shop" to set up and publish.



3. Set up and publish Facebook Shop

In the Facebook Commerce Manager, select the Shops tab and click Edit



Enter the edit page. Click the box(es) under Featured to design the layout and style.



In the Builder, you can click Preview to check the shop design. After editing, click Publish Updates to publish the shop. (You can also click Save to save the current design.)



After publishing, the shop's status will be "Active," which means the shop is in a review.



Once the shop has been reviewed, the "View Live Shop" button will reveal.


*Note: The status of the Facebook Shop will depend on the review of the Facebook officials. If your products violate the Facebook policy or your shop is deactivated, please read the related policy, and contact Facebook directly to review your accounts and assets again.


4. The appearance of Facebook Shop on desktop and mobile

i. Desktop version


ii. Mobile version



5. FAQs

i. Why doesn’t the shop tab appear on my Page after adding a Shop?

After Facebook Shop is created and connected, the qualification of your Page, ad account, commerce account, and product content will all be reviewed by Facebook. Your Shop will not be published until Facebook approves it.

If you have just completed the connection, it usually takes 1-2 days for the synchronization and review by Facebook. If the Shop still does not appear afterward, please follow the steps below to confirm the status:

a. Confirm the eligibility in Assets

To check Facebook's review status, you can go to the Facebook Commerce Manager, select the commerce account that you are using and click on the Shop under review.


On the Overview page of the Shop, you can see if your shop has eligibility for Instagram Shopping and the use of a commerce account. You need to obtain eligibility to initialize the functions of Instagram Shopping and Page shop. If you are not eligible, please follow the issues raised by Facebook and make changes for review, or further contact Facebook and confirm with their customer service. 


b. Check the activation status of your Shop

In the Shop tab, you can view the review status of your Shop. If the status is "Active" it means it's working normally. Click Edit on the right to change the store layout. If your Shop or product violates Facebook’s policy, Facebook may disable your Shop. Please follow the instructions provided by Facebook to re-review or contact Facebook directly to find out the reason for the suspension.



ii. How to apply if I don’t have Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping is currently being reviewed by Facebook. Your account status, Instagram account quality, location, fan interaction, etc. are the possible standards of their review. Since there are no official standards from Facebook. It is recommended that you submit the information following Facebook's official instructions. The review process and result are subjected to Facebook's official standards: Your guide to setting up Instagram Shopping


iii. What should I do if Facebook does not approve my product?

The product information in the catalog will be reviewed by Facebook’s robots and humans. If the review fails, it is recommended that you read the review results provided by Facebook carefully, try to exclude all potentially risky descriptions, pictures, etc., and submit for re-review.

Please be also reminded that Facebook is gradually strengthening reviews. If the product you submit still fails in the re-review, Facebook might stop offering you the opportunity to submit it again. Please be sure to confirm and remove any possible conflict factors before submission.

Your account and product review status can be confirmed here: https://business.facebook.com/accountquality/


iv. If the Page shows that the checkout method is "Send Message," how can I modify it?

When you add a new Shop, Facebook will automatically activate the checkout option of your Shop. If you wish to change "Send Message" to "Checkout on my Website," Facebook does not have an official modification method for this operation. We recommend that you contact Facebook customer service directly and ask them for a solution that fits your business account and page status. SHOPLINE cannot assist you in changing the functions of your Facebook Page.


v. Why is the new product not found on the Page or in the Instagram shop?

If the Facebook Business Extension is installed for your store, the catalog is updated approximately every 6-12 hours, and the data will be fetched according to Facebook’s upload schedule (once per day by default), so it does not synchronize simultaneously. Please go to Facebook Commerce Manager and check the upload process in "Data Sources" under Catalog. If the catalog has been uploaded but does not appear on your Facebook channel, please contact Facebook directly to help confirm the operation status of your Page and Instagram shop. 




vi. Can the products of the Page Shop/Instagram shop show multiple images like my online store?

Facebook's store and advertising system are different from the Admin platform system. The product catalog provided to Facebook currently only supports uploading one main product image. If the variants have their images, it will be based on the variant image, and currently, the system does not support displaying multiple pictures.


vii. Can I adjust the order of the products in the Page Store?

Facebook currently does not support sorting products in the integrated Shop or creating collections. When your products are synchronized to the Page Shop, Facebook will randomly pick the products in the catalog and display them. However, you can use Facebook Commerce Manager to edit the shop layout.


viii. Why does the product have a set price, but the price appears as $0 in the Page Shop?

The catalog synchronized by Facebook will catch the "regular price" and "sale price" of the product, and show them in the Page Shop. If you only set the sale price for your product without entering a number for the regular price, the product price will appear as $0 on Facebook. To adjust the pricing, please return to the product edit page in SHOPLINE Admin, enter the regular price of the product, and wait for the synchronization between the catalog and Facebook.


ix. How to change the content of the "Shipping and Return" policy of the products in the Page Shop?

The Shipping and Return policy shown in the Page Shop products is a new sales policy launched for the Commerce Manager. According to Facebook's website, "You must accept returns for new or unused items within at least 30 days of when the order was delivered." Therefore, all products will be preset to display the message "You can return new and unused products within 30 days" in the delivery and return column, and the message cannot be deleted or edited. (The actual placement of the message is subject to the latest update from Facebook)

In case you think that this message does not comply with the return and exchange service policy of your store, you can proactively indicate your return and exchange policy in the Shop, so that customers can clearly understand the relevant provisions of the return and exchange of goods before placing an order.


x. After installing the new version of the Facebook Business Extension, will the Facebook Pixel set in the store be replaced/overwritten?

If you have previously used the old version of Facebook Business Extension to install the Pixel (i.e. the Edit button of Facebook Pixel in Tracker Settings is grayed out), when you install the new version of the Facebook Business Extension, Facebook will use the new platform Pixel you choose to replace the old Pixel installed in the store. Please note that the Pixel used is the tracking number of the ad account. If you wish to add Pixel from other platforms or advertisers, please consult our Merchant Success Team for help.


xi. Why can't I select my Pixel/Page/ad account/catalog?

During the installation process, to select an established Facebook asset, please confirm that your personal Facebook account has been assigned to an administrator role for Business Manager, Page, etc. (According to the Facebook policy, it is also required to take the administrator role for at least 7 days). Also, regarding this Facebook page, please authorize Facebook assets (e.g. Pixel, catalog, ad account) to your Commerce Manager, and please confirm that your Facebook personal account is in the "People" list to manage the assets on Business Manager. After the above permissions are set, you can successfully select the specified assets in the extension. If there is still a problem with the selection of assets, it is recommended that you can contact Facebook through the "Contact Us" link under the extension to handle the asset permissions issues. SHOPLINE does not have the access right to check the authority of your Facebook assets.


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