Gifts Redemption with Member Points Campaign

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With the gifts redemption promotion, merchants can select products as gifts for customers to purchase with their member points. It's a great opportunity to encourage customers to collect more points as possible, as they would like to use their points on such great gifts!!


In this article, we will guide you through:



A. Setup a gifts redemption campaign

After finishing the points rule setting, go to Sales & Promotions > Points Campaign. This is the page where you can check all your Member Points Campaign. Click on the Add button to create a new campaign.



B. Complete the information of the promotion 


a. Campaign Name

You can name the campaign in different languages. 

b. Preset Publish / Unpublished Time

You can set the start and end date of the campaign, if you don't assign an end date the campaign will never expire.

Note: Start/End date is based on the Country/ Region in Settings > Basic Settings. For cross-border merchants please aware that it might not be the same time in the country you sell your products.

c. Select Gifts

First, you need to create your gifts list. Go to Products & Categories > Free Gifts, and add the products you want to sell as gifts. If you have finished the above setting, you can come back to this page and select gifts that members can redeem in this campaign. 


d. Promotion Terms & Conditions

You can draft the campaign's terms & policies with languages that your store support. The rules will display in the storefront. We highly recommend you provide terms & policies with details to your member.

e. Promotion Banner

You can add a banner for this campaign and it will display at the top of the promotion page. Only JPG/PNG format is allowed and the size should be less than 1920 x 400 px.



  1. Campaigns' valid date range cannot be overlapped.
  2. The order of the products in storefront is based on gifts created date (from latest to oldest)


C. See your promotional campaign page at the storefront 

In the campaign page, your customers will see the campaign banner at the top, followed by campaign information, including valid date, member's points, and terms and conditions.

Your customers can check how many points they have used in the cart at the bottom, the cart will only display the gifts on this page.


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