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With the Live Marquee tool, you can display dynamic announcements during a livestream so that viewers will not miss out on any important information.

This article will introduce how to set and display a marquee in the SHOPLINE LIVE APP. If you want to know how to create a Live Stream, please refer to this article: SHOPLINE LIVE Live Stream Shopping Tool.


1. How to create and display a marquee in the SHOPLINE Live APP

You can only set up and display a marquee after the Live Stream has started.

After entering a livestream, click on the tool icon in the lower left-hand corner to open the Tool menu.



Click on [Marquee] (Figure 1), to open the marquee settings screen. After you have entered the content of the marquee content of the marquee, toggle on [Show Marquee]. Click the [Save] button (Figure 2) to begin displaying the marquee in your livestream (figure 3)

                 (Figure 1)                                                (Figure 2)

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                   (Figure 3)



2. Notes

  1.  A marquee cannot be more than 100 characters in length. 
  2.  The system will save the content of the marquee you have created so that even if this feature is not currently turned on it can be turned on at any time during a livestream. 
  3. After you toggle on [Show Marquee], you can edit the content of Marquee or turn it on or off any time during the livestream.
  4. If you using a device's front camera for a livestream, the Marquee will be reversed in your Live Stream APP, but the viewer's screen will be displayed in the correct direction.

              (Your screen)                                               (viewer's screen)

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