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Vietnamese merchants can apply for the Ninja Van integrated logistics service (via SL logistics). SHOPLINE will assist you to set up the Ninja Van delivery option after your contract has been approved.

Please note that the Ninja Van integrated logistics service (via SL logistics) is currently only available to the shops based in Vietnam and the default currency is Vietnamese Dong.

In the article, we will introduce the following topics:


1. Apply Ninja Van COD (via SL logistics) as a delivery option

Please contact Online Merchant Success Team for application!


Please be noted:

1. Ninja Van drivers only pick up the parcels from Monday to Saturday.

2. The delivery option and the payment option must match each other.

If you want to set up the delivery option "Ninja Van COD (via SL logistics)", you need to add the payment option "Ninja Van COD (via SL logistics)" accordingly.


2. Use Ninja Van logistics at storefront

The shipping destination has to be Vietnam for the use of Ninja Van delivery.


Step 1. Select "Ninja Van (via SL logistics)" as the delivery method.

Step 2. Choose a payment method.

Step 3. Click Proceed to Checkout and complete the checkout process to place your order.



3. Manage orders using Ninja Van

In addition to the usual order management interface, we have created a new page called "Ninja Van Order Management" for all Ninja Van orders, which allows you to filter orders by 8 different shipping statuses.


In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Order Management] > [Orders].

Click the dropdown menu next to the "Update Tracking No." button and select Ninja Van - Oder Management.



A. Order Status Description on the Ninja Van Order Management Page

1. Non-executed: Shipments that have not been "executed" by the merchants when the customer's order is placed

2. Processing: Shipments that are in the process of being shipped when the merchant has already clicked the "Execute Shipment" button.

*Note: Shipments in this status indicate that the shipment information is in progress, but do not indicate that Ninja Van has received the shipment confirmation. Please be sure to wait until the shipment status is changed to "Awaiting Shipment" before printing the label.

3. Awaiting Shipment: When Ninja Van has received the shipment confirmation

4. Cancelled: When a package has been previously shipped and the shipping/delivery information has been changed, but the package has not yet been re-shipped.

*Note: If the merchants need to re-execute the shipment, please do so on the order details page. After re-executing the shipment, please be sure to print the latest label.

5. Delivered: The parcel has been received by Ninja Van's logistics staff

6. Arrived: The parcel has been successfully dispatched to the customer

7. Returning: The parcel is being returned to the merchant


There are a few main scenarios in which a "return" will occur and the parcel will be returned to the merchant:

  • There is no one at the address provided by the customer
  • Ninja Van driver could not find the delivery address 
  • The customer refuses to accept the parcel
  • The customer and the delivery driver have delayed pickup and made an appointment for an unreasonable period of time (e.g. in one month), or the customer has made an appointment to receive the package at another time and has failed three times, the package will be returned to the merchant. A failure of 3 times would include 2 attempts that were rescheduled by the customer.

In extreme cases where the delivery cannot continue (damaged parcel...etc), the parcel will be returned to the merchant.

You can find out more about the reasons on Ninja Van's parcel tracking system, or by contacting the merchant and Ninja Van customer service.

8. Returned: When Ninja Van has returned a parcel to the merchant’s shipping address.

B. Ninja Van Order Shipment Process

Step 1. Execute the shipment

Go to “Ninja Van - order management” > switch to the tab "Non-executed". Click on the order to be shipped, click Execute Shipment in the "Delivery details" section on the order page.


Note: Editing shipping/delivery and order information and splitting orders are not yet supported.


After clicking on the "Execute Shipment" button, please confirm the sender's address and click on the "Edit" button if you want to change the address, and click on the Confirm button if the address is correct.



Step 2. Attach Shipping Label

When the order status is changed to "Awaiting Shipment" and the Shipment Description is "Waybill generated" (see Figure 1, red box), the merchant then can go to the "Product Details" section of the order page and click the "Print Shipping Label" button (see the second image below). Print out the label and paste it on the parcel. 

Please be noted: 

  • Ninja Van's consignment number (blue box in Figure. 1) is used to check the delivery status of the parcel.
  • You can click the link "Ninja Van Delivery Tracking" next to Delivery Status to check the parcel's delivery status.




Ninja Van (via SL logistics) Shipping Label Templates

The label will contain sender and recipient information and estimated delivery time, while the barcode above is for Ninja Van drivers to scan and check.



Ninja Van COD(via SL logistics) Shipping Label Template

The label will contain sender and recipient information, the amount for COD, the estimated time of arrival of the package, and the barcode above are for Ninja Van drivers to scan and check.



Step 3. Pick up by Ninja Van driver 

A Ninja Van driver will pick up the package at the sender's address provided by the merchant and contact the sender by phone.


4. Track the shipping status of customers' parcels

Go to the member center and select the order you want to check the status of, then go to the order detail page and click on the “Ninja Van Delivery Tracking” to see the shipment status.







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