Return Order by Customer


After this feature is enabled, customers can make a return request at the storefront themselves, saving the time of the manual return process for merchants. In addition, after confirming the status of the returned products, customers can see the results at the return order detail pages. This feature will greatly reduce the communication costs between merchants and customers. 

In this article, we will introduce the following subjects below: 


1. Enable to feature

Step 1. In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Order Settings], then switch on the toggle "Return Order by Customer".



*Note: Before enabling Return Order By Customer, there should be at least one return delivery method. Please go to Settings > Delivery Options to set up.

If the "Return Order by Customer" feature is enabled, merchants are not allowed to delete all the return delivery methods. Switch off the “Return Order by Customer” toggle if you would like to do so.


Step 2. Set up a specified time period that customers are allowed to apply for a return 

Customers can only apply for the return order within X days after the order delivery status is Arrived or Collected (Note: the number of days must be greater than 0).


The time period would apply to different delivery statuses based on delivery methods:

  1. If the delivery method is T-cat or Ninja Van (MY), as soon as the delivery status turns to "Arrived", the system will start the countdown.
  2. If the delivery method is 7-11, FamilyMart, SF, 7-11 cross border, as soon as the delivery status turns to "Collected", the system will start the countdown.
  3. For other custom delivery methods, as soon as the delivery status turns to "Arrived", the system will start the countdown. However, if the merchant then changes the delivery status again to "Collected", the system will restart the countdown.

Step 3. Click Update to complete the setting.


2. How do customers make return order requests

Note: Return order can only be applied when the delivery status of the order is "Arrived" or "Collected" and within specific time period set by the merchant.

Step 1. At the storefront, log in to the Membership Center > Orders > Find the order and click View.



Step 2. Scroll down and look for the button Apply Return Order.



Step 3. Select the item(s) you wish to return and enter the quantity, reason, delivery details. Click Confirm Return Order after completing the required fields. 


The default return reasons are listed as follows:

  • Not as expected 
  • Parcel damaged on arrival
  • Size issue
  • Incorrect item received
  • Others 

If the customer chooses a return delivery type other than 7-11 C2B, he/she will need to enter the return address.

Note: The country field is defaulted to the order's delivery address and cannot be changed. Also, the address's drop-down menu only supports Taiwan and Hong Kong. Other regions need to fill the detailed address manually.


Step 4. After a customer has successfully applied for a return, the details will appear on the page.


A confirmation letter will be sent as well. If the customer chooses to return via 7-11 C2B, please refer to the return process in this article:  711 C2B




3. How do customers check the return status

There are two ways to see the return status:

A. Go to the customer's member account > Order > View > View Return Order.



B. Go to the customer's member account > Order. Click the Return Progress button.


Customers can check the return delivery status, refund status, return inspection status and refund record on this page as well. 



  • If the return inspection status shows "pass", the return application will be considered successful.
  • The amount shown in the refund record is the final refund amount of this order.


4. How to process the return order

Step 1. In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Order Management] > [Return Orders]. Find the return order you need to process.

Step 2. Inspect the returned products:

Merchants can execute an inspection of the returned products to check the products' conditions. View the return order and click the button Execute Inspection at the top-right corner of the page:


Merchants can only perform an inspection if the return delivery status is "Arrived" (for 7-11 C2B return delivery) / "Returned" (for custom return delivery).




Step 3. Enter the quantity and remark columns (Remarks will be shown to the customers) and click Confirm Inspection.




  • The inspection can only be performed ONCE and cannot be changed again after the inspection result is sent.
  • The inspection remark will also be displayed on the return order detail page so that customers can know the details of the inspection. 


Step 4. Manually restore the stock and do the refund if needed

To refund, go to "Refund Details" on the Return Order page and input the actual refund amount.



  • After entering and confirming the refund amount, you can only change the "refund status". The refund amount could not be edited, therefore it is recommended that merchants do the refund before entering the actual refund amount.
  • The actual refund amount will be shown on the return order detail page for customers to check.

Change the refund status to "Refunded"


*Note: If the merchant wishes to notify the customer of the refund status, check the pop-up box "Send your customer an update notification" when changing the status. 

All activities related to the return order can be viewed in the "Order Activities logs" at the bottom-right of the return order page.



5. Export return order report

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Order management] > [Return Orders] and click Export Return Order Report.


You could choose to export all the return orders shown on the current page or use the "Add Filter" button to filter particular ones.



The export status could be seen in [Report & Analytics] > [Bulk Action Process].


After the process is completed, an email will be sent to the merchant with a link to the report for downloading.







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