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In addition to the default options of cash and credit card, you can create a custom payment option for use in SHOPLINE POS in SHOPLINE Admin. 

In this article, you'll find the ways to:


1. Adding a new custom payment option

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Payment Options] and switch to the POS tab. Click Add to add a new payment option.

*Note: The two default payment options, "Credit Card" and "Cash," cannot be edited or removed.  



Step 2

Select Custom from the "Payment Type" menu. Enter the name of your custom payment option into the "Payment Name" field and any remarks into "Payment Note."

Click Add at the bottom right to set up a new payment option.



The latest-added payment method will appear at the bottom of the list in the "Payment Options" menu. 

*SHOPLINE Admin does not currently support arranging the order of custom POS payment options.



After adding a new payment option, tap the Refresh button next to "Payment" on the Checkout page in the POS app to select the newly added payment option for your transaction.  



2. Add SHOPLINE Payments POS payment option

Go to [Settings] > [Payment Options] in the store Admin, then click the Activate now in the banner to apply for SHOPLINE Payment.

⚠️ Note: Only Hong Kong & Taiwan stores are currently supported to apply for this feature. Individual applications are not currently supported.


After your application is approved, click the Add button to add a SHOPLINE Payments POS payment option.

  • Payment Type: Select SHOPLINE Payments POS payment method
  • SHOPLINE Payments POS payment method: Alipay(HK) and Credit Card
  • Payment fee: None, Percentage, and Fixed Amount
  • Condition of checkout amount:  Set up a checkout amount limitation for the SHOPLINE Payments POS payment option



3. Edit and delete a custom payment option 

To edit the name of a payment option, click Edit on the right.



Click the red Delete button on the right to delete a payment option. Check the confirmation box and click OK to complete the process.  



4. View a custom payment option in POS

Staff can use a custom payment method when processing orders. They will also be able to view what custom payment types have been used in Orders and Daily Revenue.

1. Order Details



2. Daily Revenue
Select Daily Revenue to see a breakdown of a given day's transactions by payment type. 



5. View a custom payment option in SHOPLINE Admin 

You can change the payment method for a transaction in SHOPLINE Admin.

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Order Management] > [Orders], then select the POS tab. Click on the transaction you want to edit.



Click the Edit button in the "Transaction History" section.



You can change the payment method and amount but cannot edit the total transaction amount. Click Save when you're done.




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