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Theme template Skya is perfect for shops selling sports products, outdoor activity gear, stylish clothing, tech products, etc.

SHOPLINE offers a wide range of custom theme templates, you can merge your own design to match the brand identity and enhance the aesthetics of your store.

*Note: You cannot change the store layout if your store is using an official plan and only the “Social Commerce” plan. 



1. Customize the theme color and font 

Skya offers various custom color options, allowing merchants to present the features of their websites and attract customers to browse and buy.

A. Custom color of header and footer

Skya provides the theme background color for merchants to design their websites. The color will be displayed on the header and the footer to match your brand image. 

Location: Admin Panel > Online Store Design > Design > Storefront Template > Theme setting of Skya



B. Custom color and text

The custom theme color will be applied to buttons, pre-order reminders, members-only icons, shopping cart,s and labels. With the appropriate color scheme, your shop will be more vivid. 

Location: Admin Panel > Online Store Design > Design > Storefront Template > Theme setting of Skya

Brand color and custom them color can be used to alter the buttons and key information of the entire site. Please use the HEX 6-digit color code. (Avoid using light colors to improve readability)

Color Code Reference:


Based on the background and theme color of the website, you can choose black or white as the text color to match the main color. 



2. Product categories and product detail page

  • The layout of the product listing page is 3 products in a row, which is suitable for a larger product list and enhances content marketing.
  • If you want the picture to be neat and tidy, you can set it according to the default size ratio (3:4) of the product picture.

Tips: For more information, please refer to FAQ: Photo Editor for Product (coming soon)

Suggested photo size: 825px (W) x 1100px (H)


  • The left side of the product detail page is fixed. With the sliding product information on the right side, it will be more convenient for customers to browse.
  • The product information section is presented in tabs, which puts the descriptions in a smaller visual space so that customers can focus more on the pictures themselves. We suggest using simple and clear text descriptions to make the overall picture clean and harmonious.



3. Use a banner to present your marketing Ads and create a beautiful website!

Placing a full-page banner on the home page to create a powerful brand image and attract customers.

To create a full-width banner, please go to [Online Store Design] in the Admin > [Pages]. Then click on the Edit button next to the "Home" page hyperlink. 

By using the image elements, you can select "Show full-width image" and "Remove top and bottom padding" in the setting. You can also upload multiple pictures to display in rotation.

Merchants can use the "Upload Phone Version" feature to cater to the needs of mobile phone users as well.

Try this compressed image tool! It will help your website run faster!


These are the features of Skya, try it out now!






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