Member Referral Campaign


After enabling this function, you can invite customers who are already fans of your brand to share it with their friends and family. This helps to attract more customers to your business, new members can get the credits immediately after registering through referral links, and referrers will get the credits once the orders by the new members are completed. This is an exciting opportunity to greatly expand your business, and let’s get started to know more about this new feature!


In this article, we will guide you through:


1. Set up a member referral campaign 

Step 1

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to Apps > Apps Store and install the Member Referral Campaign app. 


Step 2

Go to Promotions & Reward > Member Referral Campaign and click Create Campaign. 



Step 3: Fill in the required information 

Campaign Name

The name will be displayed in the member center and it supports multiple languages. We recommend that you clearly state the full benefits in the campaign name, e.g.: Get $100 for referring new members.



Conditions and Rewards

Note: This cannot be modified after being saved.

  • Referral Reward: Set the number of credits as a reward and the validity period of using the credit after new customers register through the referral link.
  • Referrer Reward: Set the amount and expiration date of the referrer's credit after a new customer has registered and the first order has been turned into a "Completed" status. You can choose to either receive the credit as long as the new member completes the order or when the order value meets the minimum amount

*Note: The minimum amount is the subtotal amount of the order minus discounts and store credits(if applied), and not including the shipping fee and the additional fee. 



Valid Period 

This is the valid period of the campaign, and only one Member referral campaign can be held at a time



Campaign Rules

Campaign rules will be displayed to your customer in the storefront. You can input in multiple languages. 



Step 4

Click "Save" to publish the campaign.



2. Share the referral link 

Step 1

Go to Storefront > Account (or the small user icon on top right) > Profile. Copy the link from the  "Member referral campaign".


Note: Members who have registered before the launch of this feature, please click "Generate referral link" to get the link and "Copy Link" hyperlink.


Step 2

Share the link to a friend, after the friend successfully register, and when the first order status changes to "Completed", the member (referrer) can get the credits. The system will also send an email notification to the referrer after the payment has been sent to them, as shown below

Note: Each member has a referral link, and the link does not change along with different events.



3. Register with the referral link

After a new customer receives the referral link from his/her friend, follow these easy steps and the new customer will get the credits from the campaign:

1. Click on the member referral link and go to the home page of the store. Click on the "Sign up now" button in the pop-up window to register, then you will receive your credits after a successful registration.


2. After registration, a notification will pop up to show that you have received your credits.

3. The system will also send a notification letter to the new member and the referrer. 

Email content to the new member:


Email content to the referrer: 



4. Member referral page interface 


A. Page information

The bar shows the information of the campaign, including referrer reward and referral reward.

B. Create Campaign

Click the button to create a referral campaign.

C. Usage Record

The usage record shows the number of customers using the referral link and more info about the campaign result M9.png

  • This page will display the Referral, Sign-up Date, Order Number, Referer and Reward Status

*Note: The link to the order will not be displayed until the new member completes the first order.

  • You can click the "Export Report" button to export the usage record for analysis of the effectiveness of the campaign

D. Edit

Click the button to edit the reward campaign information.

E. Batch publish/delete campaign

Check the box to publish, unpublish, and delete events in a single or batch mode.



5. Remarks

The referrer and the new member will receive an email notification when the store credit is sent. If the SMS notification function is enabled, customers will also receive notification via SMS.

Note: Once you enable SMS notification, you will be charged monthly by SHOPLINE for the SMS fee.

Please go to the Admin Panel > Settings > Custom Notification to enable/disable this SMS notification function. Please click here to know more about custom notification. 



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