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* For MYR shop only
* Kindly contact our Online Merchant Success Team to activate.

For Malaysia Merchants, Stripe provided a greater diversification of payment options for merchants to choose from, which includes Debit/ Credit card and FPX (Financial Process Exchange). In this article, we will guide you to integrate Stripe FPX with your SHOPLINE store for customer to choose during check out.

Before you set up Stripe FPX as a payment method, please note:

  1. Your Stripe account has to sign up as Malaysia account and your account enabled with FPX feature.
  2. Transaction fees for Malaysia Stripe account:  3% + MYR 1.00 per successful transaction (fees may differ from time to time. For latest transaction fees, please refer: https://stripe.com/my/pricing )

In this article, we will show you on:

  1. How to integrate Stripe FPX with your SHOPLINE store
  2. How to choose Stripe FPX as the payment option during checkout (As customer)
  3. Important Notice

Stripe FPX Settings

Step 1: Add Payment Option


Step 2: Set up FPX via Stripe payment method

Select your "Payment Type" as "FPX via Stripe" 


Click "Activate" to start setting up your accountmceclip1.png 

Step 3: Login/ Set up Stripe account

You will be directed to Stripe setup page.

  • If you already have a Stripe account, click "Sign in" on the top right corner and log in to your Stripe account
  • For new user, please fill-up the application form and click "Authorise access to this account"


Step 4: Publish FPX via Stripe Payment Option

You will be redirected back to SHOPLINE admin panel after authorization. Please click "Update" when you have completed the settings.

Although Stripe payment option has been added, it is currently not visible in your store. Go back to SHOPLINE admin panel > "Settings" > "Payment Options" > Click "Publish" to make this payment method visible in your store.



How to choose Stripe FPX as the payment option during checkout

Step 1: Choose FPX as payment method

* To use Stripe/ FPX Stripe, the total order amount must be greater than RM2 and less than RM30,000


Step 2: Choose Bank

After the customer click " Proceed to Checkout", customers will be lead to "Order Confirmation" page. Customer will need to fill in details and click " Place Order".


Customers will be direct to "Select bank" page ( As below screencap) after customers click "Place Order". The customer can " Proceed to pay" once he/she selected the bank.



Step 3: Authorise the transaction

Customer will be direct to the authorization page according to the bank chosen and it will require the customer to log in their bank account and allow the transaction. Example: 


Step 4: Complete order

Once the customer had authorized the bank to made this transaction, customers will be redirected to the order confirmation page. If the payment succeeds:

  • Order Status: Pending
  • Payment Status: Paid
  • It will be a transaction number for this order



Important Notice:

  1. When it's loading, DO NOT close the tab/ back to previous page/ change to another tab. Customers are required to wait and stay at the same tab when it's loading to avoid transaction failed.
  2. The expiry time for each transaction is 6 hours. Customers may complete the transaction within 6 hours if customers do not close/ change to another tab. The "Payment Status" will be shown as [Unpaid] until the customer taking further steps.
  3. If customers did not complete the payment after 6 hours, the system will update the "Payment Status" to [Expired] in your admin panel.
  4. If there's any issue occur during the transaction, the "Payment Status" will be shown as [Failed].
  5. Please note that the Transaction fee will not be refunded. Stripe will still charge for the transaction fee for the transaction. For more information, please refer MYR Shop | Stripe Payment Settings.
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