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PayPal setup is a simple way to set up a credit card payment option for customers to make purchases. Merchants can conveniently apply for a PayPal account and set up PayPal as a payment method for your shop.

Before you set up PayPal as a payment method, please note:

  1. Transaction fees for Malaysia PayPal account: 3.9% + 2.00 MYR per successful transaction. *fees may differ from time to time* 
    For the latest transaction fees, please visit:
  2. PayPal payout will take 3-5 business days. Kindly refer to Paypal official website for more information:

Types of credit cards supported by PayPal




1. Register a PayPal business account for the first time

Step 1. Set up a PayPal Business account

Go to the registration page of PayPal:

Select Business Account and then click Next.



Select On my website, then enter the estimated monthly sales volume.



Fill in your email address and click on the Continue button.

Set up a password for your PayPal account. If there is a checkbox confirming that you have read, consent, and agree to the PayPal User Agree and Policy Statement, check the box and then click on the Continue button.mceclip2.png


Fill in all your business information and select US Dollar as the primary currency. Check the box to show that you agree to the terms and click on Agree and Continue button.



Select your business type, fill in the information then click on the Continue button

Note: Different business type has different information to fill in, the screenshot attached is "Individual/ Sole Proprietorship".



Fill in all your personal information and click on the Submit button.


Step 2. Confirm your email

Check your registered email inbox and you will be receiving an email with the title "Welcome to PayPal! Activate your account now". Open the email and click on Confirm My Email.


Enter your password and click on Confirm Email Address.


Step 3. Set up Online Payment

Click Set Up Online Payment.


Step 4. Get your API credentials

Click Get your API credentials.


Then click Done.


Click on the gear icon on the right for "Account Settings". Then click Account Access on the left menu. Click Update for "API access".


Go to NVP/SOAP API Integration (Classic) and click Manage API credentials.



Check the "Request API signature" box, then click the Agree and Submit button.



Click the Show button for "API Username", "API Password", and "Signature" (do not close this window).



Step 5. Set up PayPal payment method in your SHOPLINE admin panel

Open a new window and go to SHOPLINE Admin panel, go to [Settings] > [Payment Options] and click on the Add button on the right.


  • Choose PayPal Express under "Payment Type".
  • Fill in your Paypal email address (the email address you used to sign up for your PayPal account).
  • Fill in your "API Username", "API Password" and "Signature" (from Step 4).
  • Set up your Payment Fee or remain as None.


  • Fill in the Payment Instructions if you have information to highlight or leave it blank.
  • Click on the blue Add button once done.

There will be a pop-up window to remind you that newly added delivery/ payment will not be applied to the current promotion. Click OK.



Step 6. Change the Primary Currency of your PayPal account

Go back to your PayPal account, click on Balance from the menu and click on Make primary button under Malaysian Ringgit.



Click on Make MYR Primary button.



Click Done.



2. Instruction for merchants who already have a PayPal business account

Click on the gear icon at the top right corner. Click on Account access and click on Update button of API access.



Go to NVP/SOAP API Integration (Classic) and click Manage API credentials.



Check the box for "Request API signature", then click Agree and Submit.



Click the Show button for "API Username", "API Password", and "Signature" (do not close this window).___2021-05-10___11.46.25.png


And continue Step 5 to Step 6 above to complete the setting.


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