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You can adjust the general settings for the SHOPLINE Post Sales feature and apply them when creating new post sales campaigns to save time and effort. 

In this article, you'll find the guide to


1. Modify general settings

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [Post Sales], and click Settings on the right of the "General Settings" section. 


You can modify the settings for orders, comments and messages, and schedules on the general settings page. 



1. Order Settings

A. Keywords Orders Setting

You can select one out of the three order rules.

  • Comments containing keywords or keywords + quantity (e.g. I want A1 / Hello A1+1 / A1 / A1+1)
  • Comments containing keywords + quantity. Entering keywords only is not valid. (e.g. I want A1+1, A1+1)
  • Comments only consist of keywords or keywords + quantity. No other text is allowed. (e.g. A1, A1+1)



B. Reserved Inventory

Switch on the toggle for "Lock inventory is enabled by default" to set the time for reserving inventory for customers. Click the drop-down menu below to select the default lock inventory time.

You can select to 

  • Custom time for each sales event (i.e. you can set it after creating a post sales event)
  • Default 7 days 
  • Default 14 days

Despite setting the default lock inventory time, you can modify the time after creating each post sales campaign.


2. Comments and Messages Settings

A. Reply by private message

Switch on the "Enable reply by private message" toggle to enable sending shopping cart links in private messages. You can edit the message content and add dynamic text in the text box, and preview the message on the right. 



You can also edit the re-engagement message content. Expand the section to edit the message content, add dynamic texts and modify the button name. 

*Note: Re-engagement message currently cannot be previewed.



B. Reply by comment

Switch on the "Enable reply by comment" toggle to enable replying to comments under the post. You can edit the message content, add dynamic text in the text box, and preview the message on the right. 


3. Schedule

You can set the time for starting and ending post sales to:

  • Never expire
  • Default 7 days
  • Default 14 days
  • Default 30 days 

Despite setting the default schedule time, you can modify the schedule after creating each post sales campaign.


2. Update settings 

After updating the settings, don't forget to click Update at the bottom right.



A notification will pop up a notification if the settings are updated successfully. The settings will be applied to the post sales campaigns created afterward.


*Note: The modified general settings will only be applied to newly created post sales campaigns. Existing post sales will not be affected.


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