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*Supported only for merchants in Malaysia using an annual plan.

1. Website Requirements

The following are the basic online store requirements that merchants have to fulfill before submitting their SHOPLINE Payments application.


A. Homepage

  • The front page of the website must not contain SHOPLINE's default template photos.
  • Merchants' basic information, such as the company’s logo, featured products, social media, etc., should also be present.

B. Products page

  • Merchants must publish at least 3 products. In case merchants do not have 3 products, they should inform and confirm with the Risk team by sending their responses to
  • Product prices must be displayed accurately. 
  • Product descriptions should not be misleading or contain pseudoscience or exaggerated claims.

C. Contact information

  • Phone numbers or emails should be clearly written on the homepage or in the "Contact Us" section.
  • The contact information should not be misleading.

D. Policies page

The following act as a guideline for merchants to prepare the mandatory policies. Please note that this is only a general guide that can be applied to many different kinds of merchants, but they shouldn’t rely entirely on it. It is the merchants’ responsibility to ensure that the terms and conditions in the policies are tailored and specific to the merchants’ business nature. 

All policies must not include unrelated company names or Terms & Conditions that are irrelevant to the merchants’ business nature.

  • Delivery Policy
    1. This policy should include the required delivery time, delivery method, fees, and other basic delivery information. 
    2. Pre-order products: The estimated delivery time should also be clearly indicated if merchants want to sell pre-order products.
  • Refund Policy
    1. Merchants should clearly state whether they provide refunds. 
    2. Merchants who offer refunds should at least include the conditions for the refund, the refund method, and the refund process. 
  • Privacy Policy
    1. This policy can include Terms & Conditions, such as the purpose of information collection, how information is kept, non-disclosure of information, etc. 


2. KYC Mandatory Documents

These are the basic & mandatory documents that are required for KYC. Every merchant should provide the following documents according to their respective entity types.

*Note: The documents should not be blurry, unclear, or hard to read. 







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