Store Referral Settings

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The number of app downloads and registration can increase through staff referrals. When customers download the app, they can select the referrer staff through Store Referral Settings. The selected staff will provide services in their future shopping.


1. Employee Information Setting

Step 1

Go to SHOPLINE ADMIN > [Retail Store] > [Employee].



Step 2

Click the Create button to set up the employee information.



2. Store Referral Settings

Step 1

Select [Mobile App Management] > [App Settings].



Step 2

Click Store Referral Settings to set up.



Step 3

Turn on the "Store Referral" toggle to show the path on the [Member Center] > [Common Services].



Step 4

You can customize the mode to display staff names in "Staff Settings." If you wish to partially display staff names, select Mask staff names. If you wish to display the name in full (please obtain consent from your staff in advance), select Display full name.




Step 5

After customers have selected their referrer staff, you can decide whether to allow customers to edit the referrer staff. If the edit setting is "Yes," you can set up the time limit before they can edit the referrer staff again.


Edit Log

In the "Edit log," merchants can look at the previous changes made to the store referral settings.



3. Types of Store Referral Settings

In the right preview panel, the store referrer name will be displayed according to the display setting set by merchants. The name displayed on the app will be the same as the setting as well.



Staff Referral Analytics

Click the Staff Referral Analytics button to look at the staff referral record for the past months or days.



Click Export to download the Staff Referral Record.



Staff Referral Record

Click the Staff Referral Record button to look at the referred members' records with the affiliated staff name.



Click Export to download the Staff Referral Record.







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