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The SHOPLINE ONE Omni Channel management platform is a multi-channel inventory management tool. This article will introduce the "Inventory Management Page," where you can search for the products that need to be adjusted in inventory, and update the availability of the products individually or in a batch. 

*Note: This feature will be available to stores from 8 June 2022 onwards. 

In this article, you'll find: 


1. Page introduction 

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Inventory Management] > [Inventory] to enter the inventory management page. 


Click the View Inventory Analysis button on the top right to view more detailed inventory data. 




You can view and edit the inventory of Products, Add-on Items, and Free Gifts on the inventory management page. 


The page is categorized into Inventory Item, Product SKU, Barcode, Publish/ Unpublished status, Cost, Inventory in different stores, and Inventory Cost. 

  • Cost
    1. The cost of product and variant (if set) is shown here.
    2. If multiple product variations exist, the cost will not be shown in the main product column.
    3. When the number is 0, the field will be blank.

  • Inventory Cost
    1. This is the cost value multiplied by the positive inventory value.
    2. When filtering the result to a specific warehouse, only the inventory cost of that warehouse will be calculated.



When scrolling horizontally, the first three rows of fields (Product/ Product SKU/ Barcode) can be folded and frozen for better viewing. 




2. Search filters introduction 

On the inventory management page, merchants can also filter data by Warehouse, Available Stock, Category of POS, and Supplier. 

*Note: Warehouse, Category of POS and Supplier filters are only available to mechants with the Retail POS plan.

  1. Warehouse: Filter the store/ warehouse you want to view if the inventory is stored in different store branches. 

  2. Available Stock: Select "Out of Stock" and "Available Stock  ≤" to filter out the products whose inventory is lower than a certain quantity or out of stock. 

  3. Add Filters: In this drop-down menu, you can choose to filter by "Category of POS", "Supplier," or "Published/Unpublished Status." 

    Screen_Shot_2022-06-14_at_6.03.45_PM.png Screen_Shot_2022-06-14_at_6.02.13_PM.png   


3. Single and batch update inventory 

1. Single update inventory 

Click on the inventory quantity of any product to modify it. After entering the inventory quantity to be increased or decreased, click Save on the upper right to complete the update. 

*Note: Store branches whose inventory is shared and will be synchronized as indicated in the red box. 



[Coming Soon] Reason for inventory change

*Note: This feature currently does not support merchants that only use the Retail POS plan. 

After adjusting or setting the inventory numbers of products, add-ons, and free gifts, merchants can mark the reasons for inventory change for future reference. 



Step 1: Go to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Product Settings], switch the toggle "ON" next to the "Reasons for Inventory Change".



Step 2: Adjust or set the corresponding inventory quantity and click Save at the top right to confirm.



Step 3. After clicking Save, a prompt window will pop up asking administrators to select or type a reason for inventory change. Click Save again to complete.

*Note: There is a 100 characters limit for writing the reason. If no reason is selected or typed in, the system will treat it as a case of no reason for the inventory change. 



Step 4: Go to [Products & Categories] > [Products] and find the product with the changed inventory. View the log by clicking Activity Logs in the "Edit" drop-down menu.


Another way to view inventory change records is to click the View Logs button on the product edit page.




  • The "Reasons for Inventory Change" feature must be switched on to select reasons for inventory change. 
  • This feature currently only supports single inventory changes, not bulk changes. 


2. Batch update inventory

Check multiple items to be updated in the left column, and click Bulk Update Inventory to change the inventory quantity as a batch.



After clicking Confirm, the prompt "Going to update inventory" window will appear at the top right.



4. Quick search logic

In the search field, you can search for products by Product name, SKU, or Barcode. The following will introduce the search rules:



The following will cover the different search rules: 

A. Text

  1. If the product name and SKU are "SHOPLINE," you can search for the product by entering the starting text such as "shop" or "shopli," but not the ending text like "line" or "opline."
  2. If the product name and SKU are "LGGNL307SV", you can search for the product by entering "LG" or "LGGNL" but not "NL" or "307".

B. Symbols

Symbols are not considered a part of the word and will be filtered out during the search.

For example, if the product name and product SKU contain "9/15", administrators will have to enter "915", "9", or "15". 

C. Spacing

If you enter a space between the keywords, the search will be performed with the "intersection of words before and after the space".

For example, if you enter "9 (space) 15" as a keyword, you will get 9/15, 15 September, and 915.






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