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SHOPLINE has integrated with Instagram to launch a "Product Recommendation Message" feature. You can now copy the product recommendation message and paste it into the Instagram Live comment section to send, so customers can better understand the product content, keywords, and other related information, making the ordering process smooth and efficient. 

This article will be covering the following: 


1. Custom Instagram product recommendation message 

Once you have created an Instagram Live broadcast backstage in the SHOPLINE Admin, click the ___2022-09-05___11.54.12.png icon to open the setup page.Screen_Shot_2022-11-21_at_6.20.07_PM.png


Click the "Product Recommendation Message" tab to edit the message. 



Click the "Product Recommendation" dynamic text at the bottom to directly apply it in the editing field. 


*"Product Recommendation Message" Available parameters: 

1. Product with variations
#Product Name#【Keyword】Product Variation Price【Keyword】
Product Variation Price


2. Products with no variations
#Product Name# [Keyword] Price


2. Sending product recommendation messages on Instagram Live

Step 1

Please use your mobile phone to open your connected Instagram account and start the livestream.



Step 2

Connect the livestream to the backstage. For detailed instructions on integrating with Instagram Live, please refer to this article.



Step 3

Please click the ___2022-05-05___5.40.27.png icon on the right side of the product list in the backstage to copy the product recommendation message.


  • The copied product recommendation message is the product recommendation message you just edited in the "Custom Message" tab. 
  • Copying product recommendation messages before and during the livestream are supported. 



Step 4

Post and send product recommendation messages in the Instagram Live comment section.

Method 1: 

  1. Copy the link to Instagram Live first.
  2. An assistant then clicks into the link and uses the "Host account" (same as the current broadcast account) to post and send product recommendation messages.



Customers can see the product recommendation message on Instagram Live and place an order based on the product recommendation message. 



Method 2: 

The assistant uses their personal account to enter Instagram Live and post the product recommendation message.



Customers can see this product recommendation message on Instagram Live and place an order based on the product recommendation message. 



3. Notes

1. Due to the 200 characters limit on Instagram comments, if the product recommendation message exceeds 200 characters, please divide it into two messages. 


2. If you are not using a host account (the account which created the livestream) to send the product recommendation message, the system will view it as a general customer message. The product keyword included in the message will be counted as an order. 



3. If you are using the host account to send the product recommendation message, it will not appear in the comment section on the Instagram app. The host will not be able to pin this message in the livestream.



It is recommended to use the assistant's personal account to send product recommendation messages and have the host account pin the assistant's product recommendation message in the comment section so that customers who enter the livestream later can view the product information.

*Note: Since you use the assistant's account to send product recommendation messages, the system will add the products that match the keyword to the shopping cart (explained in point 2 above). Please take note of this if you have enabled the "Reserve Inventory" function, as the system will reserve added cart items.




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