Octopus Payment Settings

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Octopus is a contactless smart card payment system, which can be used for public transport, entertainment, shopping and more. Now, you can also use Octopus in SHOPLINE.

To enable Octopus in your online store, you need to be an Octopus merchant and proceed to the settings in the Admin Panel. After you set it up, customers will be able to pay by Octopus QR Code, which is convenient and time-saving

The article covers the following parts:


1. Add Octopus in payment options

Step 1

In your Admin Panel, go to [Settings] > [Payment Settings]. Click Add



Step 2

In Payment Type, select Octopus.



Step 3

Click the Generate QR Code button.



Step 4

Scan the QR Code with your mobile phone. You will be redirected to the Octopus App for Business.



Step 5

After logging in and binding your merchant account in the Octopus App for Business, go back to the Admin Panel and click Verify.



Step 6

Once successfully verified, you can proceed to the following settings.



If the verification fails, you need to click the Regenerate QR Code button and go through the verification process again.

*Note: The verification will fail if you click the Verify button without logging in the Octopus App for Business and binding your merchant account.



Step 7

You can edit the Condition of checkout amount, Name of Payment Method, Payment Instructions, and Exclude Delivery Options. For more details, please refer to this article.

Click Add after you complete the settings, and Octopus will be successfully added to your payment options.


  • Octopus does not support adding a payment fee.
  • The name of the payment method is "Octopus" by default.



2. Customers' payment at the storefront

Customers can choose to pay by Octopus on the checkout page.

*Note: Octopus is currently NOT available for fast checkout & Social Commerce - manual order.



Once the customer finishes filling in the information required and clicks the Place Order button, a page with the Octopus QR Code will pop up.

*Note: if the customers place orders with their mobile phone, they will be redirected to the Octopus App for payment, and will not need to scan the QR Code.



After the customer completes payment with the QR Code, they will be redirected to a page with information about the existing order.

*Note: The Octopus QR Code expires in 15 minutes. 

If the QR Code expires or the customer cancels payment in the Octopus App, it will stay on the QR Code page. If the customer using the mobile phone doesn't complete payment in 15 minutes, they will be redirected to your online store.



3. Unbind Octopus 

Open Octopus App for Business. Go to [Settings] [Partner Linkage].


Look for SHOPLINE in Partner Linkage. Swap left to unbind the Octopus from your SHOPLINE store.


After unbinding the linkage, go back to Admin Panel. You will find the Publish/Hide/Edit button grayed out except for the Delete button. Therefore, you can only delete this payment option.

Further, the storefront will not show Octopus either.



4. FAQs

Q1: Can I add more than one Octopus payment option on my Admin Panel?

A1: Yes you can, and the setting process is the same. You need to bind Octopus with SHOPLINE in the Octopus App for Business for every Octopus payment option. 

If you have already set up one Octopus payment option and would like to add another one, you might find the message below on your Octopus App for Business after you scan the QR Code. Tap OK, then go back to the Admin and click the Verify button. You can then proceed to the following setting steps. Please refer to Step 5 for more details.



Q2: What's the refund procedure?

A2: If the customers pay by Octopus Wallet, you can refund them on the Octopus App for Business. If the customers pay by Octopus card or Apple Pay, you will need to refund them offline. Please contact Octopus customer service if you have any questions.





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