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*This feature currently only supports TW merchants using the e-Commerce + Retails POS Plan + Advance Shop Management Tools Module.

After publishing the product set in the retail store in SHOPLINE Admin, with the "POS Product Set" feature, you can view the product sets on the POS app.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Publish product set on retail store 

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Products & Categories] > [Product Set]. Click Retail Store Publish to publish the existing product set to your retail store.

*Note: The existing product sets (i.e. the product sets that have been created before the launch of this feature) are by default set "unpublished on the retail store". Please refer to this article for instructions on creating product sets in the Admin.



Alternatively, go to the product set editing page, and publish the set by switching on the "Retail Store Publish" toggle. 



Click on the "Categories" tab and select the "POS" tab to put the product set to the POS category. 


*Note: After categorizing the product set, you can go to [Products & Categories] > [Categories] > POS tab and click View products next to the category to view the product set. 



If the child product of this product set has a retail store price, it will appear in the "Retail Store Price" field under the child product list.



Click Activity Logs to view the event record of the product set.

  • Sales Order: The content and time of the creation and cancellation of this product set order

  • Product Updated: Creating/editing the product set; content and time of publishing and unpublishing the product set


2. Pages that show product set details

You will find the details of product sets in the pages shown below:

A. POS order detail page in Admin

  • Showing ​​the image and name of the product set; price of the product set*quantity of purchase; and the total amount
  • Showing name, variation, and quantity of child products



B. Order Details Report

  • Product Name: The name of the product set
  • Variation: Name of the child product, variant*quantity
  • Product Type: Showing "Product Set"



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