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*This feature currently only supports TW merchants using the e-Commerce and Retails POS Plan, Advance Shop Management Tools Module.

After publishing the product set in the retail store in SHOPLINE Admin, with the "POS Product Set" feature, you can add product sets to the shopping cart on POS app. 

In this article, you'll find:


1. Add product set to shopping cart on POS app

Step 1

In the Checkout tab, you will find "Set" at the top right of the product set image.

*Note: Before viewing the product sets on the POS app, please confirm that you have published product sets to the retail store. Please refer to the two articles below for reference.


*Note: Tap and hold the image of the product set to view the details.

  • You will find the name, regular price, sale price and barcode of the product set
  • You will also find the quantity of the child products and their prices



Step 2

Tap to select the product set and add it to the cart. 

A. Product set without variation

Tap on the product set to add it to the cart. 



B. Product set with variants

Tap on the product set image to view all the child products and their required quantities in the pop-up window.



Tap on the child product to select the variation. Tap Add Product Variation after selection. 



The selected child product variations and the current inventory quantity will be shown. Tap Save to confirm the selection.

Tap on the variation again for reselection. 



After selecting the child product variation, you can enter the quantity of the customized product set to be purchased in "Product Set Quantity".



Tap Add to Cart to complete the product set selection.




  • The product set is counted as one item, regardless of how many child products it contains.
  • Product sets can be returned/canceled, but only for the set as a whole. Adjustments on child products are not supported.
  • The inventory quantity of the product set is based on the quantity of child products in the set. When the product set is sold, the saleable quantity of the child product is deducted. 
  • The inventory quantity of the product set is not shown in the shopping cart, but the inventory of child products will appear when selecting the variation. 


2. Pages that show product set details

You will find the product set details on the pages below:

  • Showing ​​the image and name of the product set; total amount, and quantity of purchase
  • Showing name, variation, and quantity of child products

A. Checkout page on POS app



B. Order record on POS app



C. Customer transaction record on POS app



D. Receipt 

  • Showing ​​the name of the product set; variant, and quantity of child products; sale price*quantity of purchase, and total amount
  • Sending receipt via email
    • Showing ​​the image and name of the product set; sale price*quantity of purchase; and the total amount
    • Showing name, variant, and quantity of child products


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