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Staff can handle returns for customers to return some of the products of an order, void the original invoice and reissue new invoices. 

*Note: If an invoice was issued from the original order, please handle the return procedure on the POS app.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Create returns in the Admin

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Order Management] > [Orders] > POS tab and click on the order to be returned, then click the Return button.



Step 2

Select the product(s) to be returned.

Tap the "+" or "-" button or enter the number to modify the quantity. The minimum value is 0, and the maximum value is the original purchase quantity.




  • When the return quantity is 0, you will not be able to tap the "Refund" button.
  • When the manually entered return quantity is greater than the purchased quantity, the system will amend the numbers to the purchased quantity.
  • Click Return All to fill in the purchased quantity of each product for return quantity. 


Return inventory

  • The system is set to return inventory by default. Uncheck the box if you are not going to return inventory. The return quantity will also be hidden. 
  • The return inventory quantity equals the return quantity you set.
  • Click on the "pencil" icon on the right to edit the return inventory quantity. If the return inventory is set to 0, the return inventory quantity will be changed to "No Return Inventory."
  • When the return inventory quantity you entered is greater than the return quantity, the system will amend the numbers to the return quantity.


Step 3

Select a staff in charge of the return. Enter the return reason in the field.

*Note: The Return Staff is a required field. You will not be able to refund if the field is not selected. 



Step 4

After selecting the Return Staff, you will see the Refund Detail on the right of the page. 

When the return product quantity is greater than or equal to 1, the system will automatically calculate and update the refund details. You will find the following fields:

1. Discount

A. Full order return

Click the "question mark" icon to view the discount name and discount amount. The discount amount is the total discount of the original order, and it cannot be edited.



B. Partial order return

  • The discount amount = The proportional discount amount of the returned product in the entire order + The discount amount for the returned product itself
  • The discount amount can be edited. If the discount amount is greater than the refund amount, the error text "The discount must not exceed the total refund amount" will appear.


2. Tax Fee

Tap the "question mark" icon to view the tax fee and calculations. 



3. Applied Store Credits

A. Store credits are applied + Full order return

The "Applied Store Credits" field shows the credit amount applied to the original order.



B. Store credits are applied + Partial order return

A reminder "Cannot revert store credits when return partial order" will appear. The "Applied Store Credits" will appear 0. 



4. Rounding

This field will appear if your store has enabled "Apply Rounding Mechanism to Checkout Total Amount" in the Checkout Settings.



Step 5

Select the refund method.

A. Full order return

The system automatically applies all the payment methods and refunds of the original order.



B. Partial order return

  • The default refund amount is set as 0. Click the drop-down menu (listing all the POS payment methods set in the Admin) and select at least 1 refund method. Enter the amount for refund. 
  • Click Add New Refund Method to another refund method. In the following cases, the "Add New Refund Method" icon button will be hidden and the refund method cannot be added: 
    • All payment methods set in the Admin have been selected.
    • A maximum of 5 refund methods has been added.
  • The refund method with a 0 amount is supported, yet this will not appear in the return transaction details.

  • When a new refund method is added, the refund amount remainder will appear.
  • The total return amount by all selected methods must be equal to the total refund amount. Otherwise, the return procedure cannot proceed.


Step 6

After setting up the refund method, Click Refund $xxx to continue.

  • A "Returned Successfully" prompt reminder will appear for partial order return.
  • For full order returns that applied store credits, a window will pop up to revert credits.
    • If you select Revert credits with original expiry date, you can view the balance and expiration time of unexpired and expired store credits. Click Extend to edit the validity period of the credits. 
    • Click OK afterward and a "Returned Successfully" prompt reminder will appear to confirm the update.


2. Return order overview

A. Original order

The original order number appears at the top of the return order detail. Click the number to go to the original order page. 



B. Order Detail

You will find the Date, Order Type, Order Status, Sales, and Store of the order. The "Sales" field cannot be edited.



C. Transaction History

You will see the Transaction Number, Date, Transaction Amount, etc. 


Click Edit to edit the amount using different payment methods and the staff in charge of the order. The total order amount cannot be edited.



D. Return Order Activity Logs

The creation and cancellation of the return order are recorded.



*Note: The related return number will also appear in the original order details. Click the number to view the return order page.



3. Cancel return order

On the return order detail page, click Cancel Return Order and check the box to confirm your cancellation. Then click Cancel Return Order in the pop-up window.


A prompt reminder "Successfully canceled order" will appear to confirm the cancellation.


  • After cancelling the return order, only the "Delete" button will remain on the return order detail page.
  • After cancelling the return order, the original order can only be cancelled but not returned.



4. Delete return order

Click Delete, and check the box to confirm your deletion. Then click Delete in the pop-up window.


A prompt message "Successfully deleted order" will appear to confirm your deletion.

  • After the return order is deleted, you will be redirected to the POS Orders tab. EN29.png
  • After deleting the cancelled return order, the original order can be cancelled and returned again.


5. View return progress in Member Center at the storefront

After creating the return order, a "Return Progress" button will appear next to the original order, and the status will also appear "Completed". Click the View button to view the original order details. Click Return Progress to view the return order details.

*Note: If the order is deleted in the background, the order record in the Member Center will also be removed.



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