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  • To apply for this and other POS features, please contact our Online Merchant Success Team. 
  • Once you return an order, the field "Sales" (person) on the order will be unavailable for editing, and this order will be unavailable for transmission to the customer. Hence, please ensure accurate order information before initiating a return to avoid limitations on further amendments.

Retail store staff can handle returns for customers to return purchased items and refund a customer's payment. A fast and effective refund procedure can show professionalism and flexibility in your customer service.

In this article, you'll find: 


1. Creating a return on the POS app

Step 1

Tap Order on the left menu on the POS app and select the order record to be returned. Tap the three-dot button at the top right and select Return in the drop-down menu.



Step 2

Select a staff in charge of the return. 



Step 3

Select the product(s) to be returned. Tap the "+" or "-" button or enter the number to modify the quantity. The minimum value is 0, and the maximum value is the original purchase quantity.

Tap Next to go to "Return Details".




  • When the return quantity is 0, you will not be able to tap the "Next" button.
  • When the return quantity you entered is greater than the purchased quantity, an error message will pop up.
  • Tap Return All button to fill in all purchased quantities to the return quantity.
  • If your order includes free gifts, the gifts can also be returned like a general product. The free gifts can be returned separately, and the following steps are the same as general products. Please refer to Free Gift Offer for Retail Store | POS Admin for details.EN_free_gfit.PNG


2. Creating returns on the POS app - View return detail

There are five sections: Return Product, Refund, Refund Method, Store Credit, and Reason.

i. Return Product 

  • The returned product amount is negative and is the undiscounted selling price.
  • The "Returned" quantity is the return quantity you entered in the previous step.



Tap the product to edit the quantity and the quantity to be returned to inventory.

  • The minimum returned inventory amount is 0, and the maximum value is the original return quantity.
  • If the returned product quantity is edited to 0, the product will be automatically removed from the Returned Product list when resuming to Return Detail.
  • When the manually entered returned inventory amount is greater than the return quantity, an error message will pop up.
  • If the returned inventory amount is set to 0, a "No inventory returned" remark will appear.


ii. Refund

The refund amount is listed here.



A. Discount

  • For full order return - Tap the "question mark" icon to view the discount name and discount amount. The discount amount is the total discount of the original order, and it cannot be edited.

  • For partial order return - 
    • The discount amount = The proportional discount amount of the returned product in the entire order + The discount amount for the returned product itself.
    • The discount amount can be edited. An error window will pop up if the discount amount exceeds the refund amount.


B. Store credits

This part is not applicable to partial order returns. The return amount will not deduct store credits. 



C. Tax  *Only applicable to POS app on Android

Tap the "question mark" icon to view the tax descriptions and calculations. 



D. Rounding

This part will appear if your store has enabled "Apply Rounding Mechanism to Checkout Total Amount" in the Checkout Settings.



3. Return Method

A. Full order return

The system automatically applies all the refund methods and refund amounts of the original order. Tap the Edit button on the right to select another refund method.



B. Partial order return

Select at least 1 refund method, and tap Choose Refund Method to enter the refund method selection page.



Refund method selection page

Tap the "+" icon to expand the menu and view the POS payment method that has been set in the Admin. Select the refund method for the return order.




  • The selected refund method will not appear in the menu.
  • In the following cases, the "+" icon button will be hidden and the refund method cannot be added:
    • All payment methods set in the Admin have been selected.
    • A maximum of 5 refund methods has been added.
  • The refund method with a zero amount is supported.
  • The total amount of all refund methods must be equal to the total refund amount. An error message will pop up otherwise.
  • When a new refund method is added, the refund amount remainder will be applied.


4. Store credits

A. Store credits are applied + Full order return

  • "Unexpired Store Credits" shows the amount of unexpired shopping credit that can be reverted. If the credit has expired, this part will appear as 0.
  • The toggle of "Revert credits with original expiry date" is switched on by default. The unexpired shopping credit will be automatically reverted.
  • Tap Unexpired Store Credits to view the balance and expiration time of unexpired and expired store credits.


B. Store credits are applied + Partial order return

  • "Unexpired Store Credits" shows the amount of unexpired shopping credit that can be reverted.
  • The toggle of "Revert credits with original expiry date" cannot be switched on for partial order return.
  • EN20.jpg

*Note: This part will not appear if the original order did not apply store credits.


5. Reason

Enter the return reason in the box.



After completing the above settings, please make sure all information is correct. The "Refund $xxx" button will appear at the bottom of the window to show the final refund amount. Tap the button to complete the return procedure.



3. Return order overview

A. Return order details 

Tap on a return order to view

  • Operator
  • Customer
  • New E-invoice No. (applicable to Taiwan merchants)
  • Tax ID No. (applicable to Taiwan merchants)
  • Credit Revert - Not Reverted, Reverting, or Reverted
  • Note - Return reason (if entered)



B. Cancel return order and receipt options

Tap the drop-down menu at the upper right to cancel the return order and reprint the receipt.

  • Reprint receipt - Print a receipt with a negative price amount for the return order.



  • If the return order is cancelled, the original order can be cancelled but not returned.
  • If you wish to redo the returning steps and cancellation of an order, please cancel the return order in Admin.


C. Original order 

Tap the "file" button to view all the related orders - the original order, the return order, and the cancelled return order.



4. Order status

  • Creating return order 
    • Original order status: Paid/Completed
    • Return order: Paid/Completed
  • Cancelling return order
    • Original order status: Paid/Completed
    • Return order: Paid/Cancelled
    • Cancelled return order: Refunded/Cancelled



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