How to Create a Push Notification

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Push notification serves as an indispensable tool in all apps. It allows merchants to effectively increase traffic, transaction amounts, customer loyalty, and customer lifetime value. It also helps customers promptly receive first-hand information on their accounts, orders, and promotional campaigns from stores.

This article will teach you how to create a push notification on your app.


Operation steps

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Mobile App Management] > [App Notification Settings].



Step 2

Click New Push Notification to enter the editing page.



Step 3

Edit the push notification name. This name will not be shown to customers, so that you can enter something easy for internal reference. For example, "Double 11 Promotion - Third Wave".



Step 4

Select the delivery method(s). The message is set to be sent as a push notification by default. 

Check "Push Notification" to send push notifications to the app users, and check "Message Notifications" to send a message notification to users. Users can find the message in [Message] > [Message Notification] on the app.



The number of push notifications is limited to 40 times per month. Sending notifications will not be available after reaching the limit. There is no limit to the number of message notifications.


Step 5

Set the push notification time and audience.

  1. Push Notification Time: There are two options - Schedule to send (to minutes) and send directly immediately after the setup. 
  2. Audience Setting: It can be set to send all app users and group users. All app users are users who have downloaded your app and turned on app push notifications.  For group users, click the selection box to select the established customer groups. You can set customer groups by going to [Customer Management] > [Customer Group] in Admin.



Step 6

When editing notification title and content, it'd be best for you to enter both English and Chinese titles since the content of a push notification will change corresponding to the language setting in customers' mobile phones.

If the customer's mobile phone language is Traditional Chinese, the push content will be displayed in Traditional Chinese; if the customer's mobile phone language is Simplified Chinese, the push content will be displayed in Simplified Chinese; if the customer's mobile phone language is English or other languages, the push content will be displayed in English.


Note: ShopperApp recommends the title length of the push notification be less than 32 characters and the length of the text content be less than 100 characters. Please ensure that the user understands the push message's main point. 


Step 7

You can select whether to add an image to the notification. You should upload images within the recommended size to achieve better marketing results.


*Note: The recommended pixel size of the image in the push broadcast is 100*100, and the recommended image size in the message notification is 700*280. The file size should not exceed 2MB to achieve the best browsing effect.


Step 8

When editing a redirect link, you can select the content you want the customers to see after clicking the push notification. There are 3 types of content:

  1. Apply Promotion Campaign: To set up a promotion campaign, please refer to Promotions | Module Introduction.
  2. URL Settings: You can add a URL link to lead customers to the online store. (Only Online store page URLs are supported for push notifications)
  3. App Homepage: Customers will be redirected to the app homepage.



Step 9

You can preview the push notification after finishing the 8 steps above. If you check Also send message notification, you can preview the message notification customers will receive.



Step 10

After filling in all the settings, click Save.

After adding the push notification, the app will automatically push the notification to all users who have downloaded the app at the scheduled time.


*Note: When the audience is still being estimated or when the audience estimate is 0, the notification cannot be saved successfully.


Step 11

After adding the app push notifications, the page automatically jumps to the App Notification Settings page. You can go to the push notification you just added and click Test.



Step 12

Select the tester's email or mobile number to log in to the app, enter the login email or mobile  number, then click Send Now. The mobile phone will receive the push notification immediately, and you can check the push notification content and the jump link in the notification. To edit the content, go to the App Push Notification Management page to modify the content and click Edit.



  1. Please ensure the test email or mobile number is signed in on the app.
  2. If the message delivery method includes pushing notifications, please make sure that the mobile device allows receiving app notifications. 
  3. The "Log-in Phone number" option will not appear if you have not enabled mobile number registration.






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