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You can find the Top Navigation at the top section of the app's home page. This is where the app name or logo of your store will display.


Display style: Text


1. In "Select a type," select Text.

2. In "Content Setting," enter the name of your store or other information you wish to show the users. The maximum text limit is 20 characters (or 10 Chinese characters).

The effect is as follows:



Display style: Image

1. In "Select a type", select Image.

2. In "Content Setting", upload the logo of your store or other images you wish to show the users. It is recommended to use a PNG / JPG / JPEG image file with a size of 100*100 pixels, and the image size should not exceed 2MB.

The effect is as follows:



2. Icon display settings

You can customize the content and the display order of Settings, Message, Cart and My icons. All icons are optional.

Click the 1.5_ZHb.pngand 1.5_ZHa.png icons to show or hide the icons. You can show at most 2 icons. Use the 1.5_ZHc.pngicon to adjust the order.


  1. The icon images are not customizable.
  2. If the "Settings" icon at the Top Navigation and the "My" icon at the Bottom Navigation are not enabled, an update error window will pop up if you click Update. Please enable the "Settings" icon. 



3. Overall color settings

Click Overall Color Settings at the bottom left column to enter the setting page.



You can customize the font and background colors for the Top Navigation. The font color will synchronize with the icon color.






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