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Create an App without coding in 3 easy steps

ShopperApp allows you to create your own app with zero coding. You can design and launch your app in just a few days or even a few hours. It's easier and cheaper than you think!

Here are the three simple steps to create your app:

*Note: Please proceed to "Mobile App Management" with your Store Owner account first so that other admin accounts can access and manage Mobile App Management. 


ShopperApp is equipped with established modules and features, which you can use for customizing your own App. No coding background or skills are required.




1. Branding design

By connecting to your online store, ShopperApp makes it easy to create an app. You can customize the logo and title of your app on the front page by simply uploading and editing relevant images and titles through the app design features. This will make your app instantly recognizable. 


i. Add app logo 

The app logo makes your app more recognizable on the App Store or Google Play.



ii. Add splash screen

The splash screen creates a strong impression on your users as they open the app. You can include a product name or slogan in the splash screen to present the brand message or use an image to create resonance. 




2. Add content 

You can customize the design, content and features through "App Design", creating the app to your own preference.

*The app will automatically synchronize with the online store. There is no need to repeat the Product, Cash flow, and Logistics settings.




3. Publish app

Once you have completed the design and content portion of your app, your last step is to publish. Users can then download the IOS/Android app to their phones.


Before publishing, you still need to finish the app listing which includes:

  • App Name
  • Subtitle
  • Promotional text
  • Description


  • Copyright
  • Application Search Keywords
  • App supports URL
  • Privacy Policy URL



Before publishing the app, you'll need to sign up for a Google or Apple Developer account and invite SHOPLINE to be the admin. SHOPLINE will then help publish the app for you.


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