Customer Return Order Request Notifications / Returned Order Status Update Notification - Variables

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SHOPLINE offers a "Custom Message" feature for merchants to edit system default notifications. Merchants will be able to add relevant information, images and links to Email/SMS notifications. You may reference this article to copy and paste variables for when you are editing Customer Return Order Request Notifications and Returned Order Status Update Notifications


Variables Description
{{return_order.return_order_number}} Return order number 
{{return_order.status_label}} Return order status 
{{return_order.order_payment.status_label}} Return payment status
{{return_order.order_delivery.status_label}} Return order delivery status 

Refund method

{{}} Return method
{{}} Shop name
{{notification.url}} Return Order URL
{{return_order.created_at}} Return order date of creation
{{return_order.return_order_number}} Return order number 
{{}} Shop email 
{{return_order.customer_name}} Customer name
{{return_order.customer_email}} Customer email 
{{return_order.customer_phone | mask: phone}} Customer phone number
{{return_order.line_items}} Return items
{{line_item.image_url}} Item image
{{line_item.title}} Item title
{{line_item.type}} Item type
{{name}} for loop
Item variations
{{line_item.child_products}} Child product
{{child_product.title}} Child product title
{{child_product.variation_names}} Child product variation
{{line_item.quantity}} Item quantity 
{{line_item.item_points}} Points required to exchange item
{{line_item.price}} Item price
{{line_item.preorder_note}} Preorder item note
{{line_item.catcher_delivery_status}} Supplier delivery status
{{line_item.total_points}} Total points (quantity*point)
{{line_item.total_price}} Total amount (quantity*price)






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