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When part of the products in the purchase order are stocked, with SHOPLINE's "Continue Purchase Order" feature, merchants can use it to continue receiving and placing products in storage. 

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1. Create continue purchase order

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Inventory Management] > [Purchase Order]. Click on the purchase order that has a "Completed" order status and a "Partial arrival" arrival status. 



Step 2

Click the Continue Purchase button.



Step 3

Select a staff responsible for the action (mandatory) and scheduled arrival date (optional). Click Add to save.



The system will create a new continue purchase order with a list of products yet to be stocked. Merchants can resume receiving and putting products in storage. On the page of the continue purchase order, merchants can find the order numbers of the original and continue purchase orders. Click on the numbers to view the order details.


  • When the new continue purchase order turns into an order that is partially arrived, staff can continue receiving products.
  • One "partial arrived" continue purchase order can receive products once only. The "Received Products" button will disappear when the order has been used for receiving products. EN4.png


2. Overview of continue purchase order

Purchase Order Information

  • Creation Date: The time when the continue purchase order is created (Brought in automatically)
  • Type: Purchase Order
  • Order status: New
  • Arrival status: None arrived
  • Stores: The store where the original purchase order is created
  • Staff: The staff selected for creating the continue purchase order
  • In Storage Staff, In Storage Time, Custom ID, Remarks: Blank
  • Expected cost / Actual cost: Calculate and display according to the product information and other costs of the continue purchase order.
  • Other Fee: Set as 0 by default
  • Scheduled arrival date: The arrival date marked when creating the continue purchase order.

Purchase Order Products

  • Product, Variation, SKU, Barcode, Price: Product information of the original purchase order that has not yet been put into storage.
  • Purchase quantity: (The purchased quantity of the products) - (The quantity of the stocked products) in the original "partially in-storage" product list 
  • Received Quantity: Set as 0 by default
  • Cost: The updated product cost after the original purchase order is partially stocked
  • Total cost: Purchase amount x Cost



Purchase Order Activities Logs

  • If the purchase order belongs to a continue purchase order, it will show the order's origin.
  • If the order continues to purchase products, the new continue order will be recorded in the logs.



Continue Purchase Order

The continue purchase order link includes:

  • The original purchase order
  • New continue purchase order
  • New continue purchase order(s), after part of the continue purchase order has been put into storage

On the pages of the original "partial arrived" purchase order and consecutive continue purchase orders, merchants can view all the related orders. 



*Note: The system currently supports the creation of up to 10 related orders for continue purchase. When the 10th continue purchase order becomes "partial arrived", the "Continue Purchase" button at the upper right of the page will disappear.



3. Notes

  • If the "partial arrived" purchase order A forms the continue purchase order B, and order B is cancelled in the Admin, it's not possible to create another continue purchase order from order A.
  • "Cancelled" purchase order cannot continue to purchase nor receive products.
  • If some variations and products in the original purchase order are deleted, the subsequent continue purchase order will not include the deleted variations or products.
  • Once all the goods in the original purchase order are deleted, after part of the products have been put into storage, it is not possible to continue the purchase.


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