Customer's Social Name in Order Details


With this upcoming feature, merchants can view customers' Facebook and Instagram names in the order customer details after customers placed the order via Message Center, Facebook/Instagram Live, or Post Sale. Merchants will redirect to the conversation with the corresponding customer in Message Center. 


In this article, you'll find:


1. View customer's social media name

After creating order by Message Center, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or Post Sale, the customer's Facebook or Instagram name will be captured and shown in the order customer details ([Order Management] > [Orders] > Order No.)





  • "Social name(SC)" is a feature capturing customers' usernames on Facebook and Instagram. The customer's Facebook handle for login (e.g.: will not be shown.
  • If the customer changed their name 1 day before they place the order, their name would not be updated upon the order creation nor afterward.
  • If for some reason system could not identify the customer's social media name or the order was created by Manual Order, the Social Name would be presented with a dash ("-").namenotfoundEN.png


2. Redirection to Message Center

In the "Order customer details" section, when merchants click on the customer's Social Name hyperlink, a new tab will be opened to direct the merchants to the conversation with that customer in Message Center.



Note: The "Social Name" will appear in the name fields (highlighted in the red box) in the Message Center.



3. Order search by customer's social media name

Go to the Orders page, select the Social Name(SC) as the filter condition then enter their social media name in the search field. 


Note: The search keyword must exactly match the social name (case sensitive) to get the search result.



4. Notes

  • Staff members are required to obtain permission to view online store orders. To grant access permission, go to [Permission & Security] > Edit Staff Permissions and check the box for "Viewing" Online Store Orders.PermissionEN.png
  • Customers' social names will not be shown if their order is placed on the store website.
  • This feature currently does not support past orders created before enabling the feature.
  • The Order list ([Order Management] > [Orders]), returned orders and product subscription are currently not supported.






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