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SHOPLINE's ZapShop application helps you to merge customer service and sales service on the WhatsApp instant message (IM) platform. Both merchants and customers can communicate more efficiently and complete purchases more straightforwardly via private messaging.


Notes before using the application:

  • It is only available on Android interfaces using WhatsApp
  • Users must first own a SHOPLINE account to download and operate the app.


 In this article, you’ll find: 


1. Initialize the application 

Download the ZapShop application from the Google Play Store.

Then log in with the merchant's SHOPLINE accounts.


Input the WhatsApp number to proceed.


If you need to edit the account details and language, tap the "Setting" button when opening the app.



2. Create a product catalogue for customer

Once enter the app, you will see a landing page with a Get Started button. Tap the button to start creating catalogues.

*Note: Currently only available (in stock) and published main products will be shown on the app. Hidden products will not be shown on the app. 


Product variants that are sold out will be grayed out and cannot be selected.


Can pick up to 20 products for each catalogue. When a product with variants is selected, you are required to choose a variant for their customers. When a product without a variant is selected, you can proceed to select other products. 


Note: The catalogue link will be lost once e you exit the application. A reminder box will pop up before you exiting the app. 

After creating the catalogue, tap the Share button and select whether to share the catalogue link to the customer's WhatsApp, copy the link to share via other channels, or open the catalogue in a browser.



3. Share the catalogue via WhatsApp

If you tap Via WhatsApp, the ZapShop app will redirect merchants to the WhatsApp contact list. Select a customer contact to enter the conversation window.


A message will be generated in the text box. Note: The message template currently cannot be edited. 

Tap the send-out button to send the catalogue link to the customer.


4. Customer's view of the catalogue

When the customer taps on the link, they can view products that have previously been selected by you.

  • All product quantities will be pre-selected as 1.
  • Customers can tap on the main product to view product details, change variants and quantity. 



5. Checkout

By merchants

  • If the customer confirms the catalogue and wants you to place the order for them, tap WhatsApp order and they will be redirected to the WhatsApp conversation with you.
  • A template message with all the selected product details, quantity, and catalogue links will be generated in the your text input field.



By customers 

  • If customers choose to checkout by themselves, tap Checkout and they will be redirected to the fast checkout page.

*Note: Please switch on the toggle for Fast Checkout in the Admin ([Settings] > [Checkout Settings]) before using this feature.



Manual order

*Note: You need to set up Social Commerce Manual Order before using this feature.

  • Tap on the "Order" icon at the top left to go to the Social Commerce Manual Order page.
  • After creating a manual order, the system will generate a message with the order number and checkout link. 



6. Notes

  • Product catalogues currently can be managed and adjusted by merchants only.

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