T2 Mini Cashier

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The Android SHOPLINE POS system is integrated with SUNMI T2 mini cashier, an all-in-one device with both the touch screen panel and built-in receipt printer. Please refer to the following steps for installation. 

In this article, you'll find:


1. Parts description 

A. Front


B. Rear


C. Bottom



2. Basic setup

Step 1. Insert paper roll

Press the open button to open the cover of the printer.


Insert the 80mm thermal paper roll into the receipt printer slot in the direction indicated below.


Step 2. Power connection

Before you connect to power, please make sure the device has been switched off (i.e. No light around the ON button.)

Plug the cord into the power supply port located at the bottom of the cashier, and connect to the socket. 

Press and hold the ON button for a few seconds to turn on the device.

Note: While the device is on, press and hold the ON button for 11 seconds to turn off the device.


Step 3. Devices connection 

Connecting the barcode scanner

Connect 2D Scanner's USB cable to any of the USB slots on T2 Mini. 

On T2 Mini, go to [Settings] and tap Scan code and keyboard.


Please refer to the FAQ for SUNMI 2D Barcode Scanner for setting up the barcode scanner.


Connecting the cash drawer 

Connect the cable of the Mini cash drawer directly to the cash box port of T2 Mini.


3. Internet connection

The T2 Mini can be connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi and LAN.

Connection through Wi-Fi
On the T2 Mini, go to [Settings] and enter the WLAN-searching interface. Wait for the list of available WLAN hotspots.

Tap and connect to the corresponding WLAN. Enter the password to access the Wi-Fi.


Connection through LAN

Insert the LAN cable to the LAN port at the rear of T2 Mini.


4. Set up SHOPLINE POS app

In order to use the POS system, merchants need to download and install the SHOPLINE POS app.

  • Open the app Store on T2 Mini.
  • Tap the search bar on the top right and enter "SHOPLINE POS".
  • Tap Install and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Once the installation is done, open the SHOPLINE POS app and log in with the owner account or the staff account, then start using the POS app.

On the POS app, go to the Setting tab and tap Receipt. Switch on the toggle for enabling the receipt function.



5. Thermal paper troubleshooting

A. What to do when the printer is not responding?

Restart the printer. Press and hold the ON button for 11 seconds until the printer is off. Then press the ON button to switch it on again.


B. What should I do when the printed paper is printing blank?

Check whether the paper roll is inserted upside down or is in the wrong model.


C. What to do when the printer is not printing properly?

Check if the printer cover is closed correctly or if the paper is jammed.


D. Paper jam removal

When a paper jam occurs, please do not pull the paper by force as it may cause product damage. Remove all the ripped paper and make sure no paper remains are left behind. Another paper jam might occur if the paper remains are not completely removed.

Please contact the Online Merchant Success Team if merchants are still unable to remove the jammed paper.

Tips to avoid paper jams

  1. When loading the paper rolls, please pull the ends of the paper roll smooth and gently. 
  2. Do not touch the paper when it is printing, exiting the printing slot or before it has been trimmed. 

E. What should I do if the printing the blurred?

Check whether the thermal printhead is dirty. If so, clean the printhead by dipping a cotton swab in alcohol (ethanol, methanol, or isopropanol) and wipe the thermal print head to remove any black powder. Remove any debris, dust, and powder regularly. 


6. Paper roll replace reminder

If the printer has run out of receipt paper, a reminder will pop up on the POS app.



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