SUNMI 2D Barcode Scanner

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The Android SHOPLINE POS system is equipped with a SUNMI 2D Barcode scanner. Please refer to the following instructions for the installation steps.


1. Product overview



2. USB Connection

Connect the USB of the scanner to any of the USB slots of T2 Mini.

On T2 Mini, go to [Settings] and tap Scan code and keyboard.



If the 2D Scanner is connected successfully, merchants should see it in the list of "Accessed scavenging devices". (If you don’t see it, try connecting 2D scanner in another USB slot)


Tap the device name and adjust the selective output: 

    • Select No text output.
    • Turn on the Broadcast output toggle. 



3. Set up procedures

Step 1. Start to scan barcodes 

i. Press and hold the trigger. Then the scanner will project a red aiming beam.

ii. Aim the red beam across the center of the barcode.

iii. Release the trigger when the red beam goes off. If the barcode is decoded successfully, the scanner will emit a good read beep and the decoded data will be sent to the device.


Step 2. Scan barcodes to set up

Enable CodeID for 2D Scanner by scanning the following 5 barcodes in sequence

*Note: make sure to cover up the rest while scanning.



If the 13-digit ISBN is not scannable, reset the 2D Scanner by scanning the following 3 barcodes.


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