Multipass Login

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If you need to enable this feature, please contact our Online Merchant Success Team. 

SHOPLINE launched a "Multipass" feature that allows merchants to integrate with external customer management systems through a generated key and let customers log into your online store automatically. 


1. Installation

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Apps] > [Apps Store], and click in to "Multipass". Once you are on the Multipass page, click "Contact us" to have our Online Merchant Success Team complete the installation for you. 



2. Enable feature and settings

Step 1

Once you have successfully installed the feature, proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] >[Customer Settings] and you will see the "Enable Multipass Login" toggle. Please click on the toggle to switch the feature on. 

*Note: This feature setup is only visible to the store owner.



Step 2

Once you have enabled the feature, click Generate Secret


Step 3

Click Save in the pop-up window to confirm to generate a secret.


Step 4

You will need this secret to create a token for integrating with external customer management systems. Following that, the system will use customer emails provided by JSON to automatically register/login customers.

*Note: If you have any further questions regarding the integration process, please contact our Online Merchant Success Team. 







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