Solving Conflict Transactions

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If the POS app suddenly goes offline or in any other situation that halts synchronization, transaction conflict may occur. The order status will not be changed due to the new conflict transaction, you can decide to keep or delete the transaction.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Viewing conflict transactions on POS app

The following are situations that will cause conflict transactions and the steps to solve them.

  • A preorder is created on the POS app, but is cancelled in the Admin Panel. The preorder is paid off without pulling down without refreshing the Orders tab on the app.
  • Two iPads are logged in to the same store on the POS app. One iPad pays off a preorder offline (or at an unstable connection); while another iPad is operating a return on the preorder (online or offline).


i. When a conflict transaction occurs

  • The Conflict tag will appear in the POS app Orders list, and a red warning message will also appear in the transaction details, reminding the staff to handle the transaction in the Admin.

  • All transactions will be restricted to perform the "print receipt" function to avoid creating more conflict transactions. (1)

ii. After solving conflict transactions

After deleting the conflict transactions in the Admin, pull down the POS app Orders tab to view the correct transaction details.


iii. Daily Revenue on POS app

The transaction amount marked as "Conflict" will not be counted in the daily revenue or the amount of each payment option. (2)


2. Viewing conflict transactions in Admin

A. From Orders page and Transaction Details page

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Order Management] > [Orders] and select the POS tab. You will see the conflict orders in highlight, links to the conflict order, and a red warning reminder asking to handle (delete) the conflict order.


When the conflict transaction is solved, the system will automatically adjust the order status and decide how to adjust the inventory of the ordered product.

  • Order status CompletedCancelled - Inventory reverted
  • Order status Cancelled Completed - Inventory deducted


B. From Order Details page

In the Orders list under the POS tab, click the highlighted order number or the hyperlink in the red reminder to enter the order detail page.


  • The Order Details page will also show the warning of conflict transactions, and highlight which transactions are in conflict.
  • Merchants can delete the problematic transaction to solve the conflict. *Note: The "Delete" button will only appear for the conflict transactions.



3. Deleting conflict transactions

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Order Management] > [Orders] and select the POS tab. Then click the hyperlink to enter the conflict order. 


Step 2

Under the Transaction History on the Order Details page, the conflict transaction numbers will be highlighted in red, with a "Delete" button on the right.



Step 3

Click Delete and confirm the action by checking the statement box and clicking "Delete" again.


  • [TW merchant only] e-invoice issued will not be revoked automatically
  • Shopping credits will not be deducted or reverted automatically

After deleting one conflict transaction, the system will judge if there is any conflict transaction. If there is none, the page will resume to the normal order detail and transaction detail interface.



Order activities logs

Deletion of the conflict transaction is recorded in the order activities log for reference. 





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