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SHOPLINE will soon launch the "Store Pick-up Menu" set-up feature. Merchants can upload Excel files to add multiple self-pickup stores in the store Admin. Customers can select the corresponding location on the checkout page and pick up orders directly at the store.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Create store pick-up menu

Step 1

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Delivery Options]. Click the blue Add button.



Step 2

On the Setting page, select Store Pick-up from the Delivery Type drop-down menu. Enter the Name, Description (optional), and Description of Delivery Time (optional).



Step 3

Select the Delivery Fee Type, Shipping Countries/Regions and Delivery Fee. Please refer to this FAQ for detailed setting procedures



Step 4

Download the Excel file "pick-up store sample.xlsx".


Support uploading store information by Custom Store Information and Import Retail Store

This article mainly describes how to create a "store pick-up" delivery option with "custom store information". Please click "Download Store Template File" on the left, enter the information (the file format is the same as the description below), and upload the file.

For detailed instructions on "import retail store", please refer to this FAQ.

*Note: This feature supports the Advance Shop Management Tools Module, together with the e-Commerce/ Social Commerce + Retail POS plans. Please contact the Online Merchant Success Team for details.




Step 5

Open the Excel file and enter the store information into the specific columns (supported languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Thai, and Vietnamese)

Level 1, 2, 3 Title (Optional)

Enter the title for the store pick-up menu in the "Level 1 Title", "Level 2 Title", and "Level 3 Title" columns.

For example, "State/Country" for Level 1; "City" for Level 2; "Area" for Level 3.

Note: To add a pick-up store, fill in the third row of "Level Title".



Level 1, 2, 3 (Optional)

Enter the options for the store pick-up menu in "Level 1", "Level 2" and "Level 3".

For example, "Taiwan" for Level 1; "Taipei" for Level 2; "Zhongshan" for Level 3.



Store Name (Fill in at least one language)

Enter the branch name.

For example, "Zhongshan Store".



Store Address and Instruction (Optional)

Enter the store address and instructions. 

For example, "Songjiang Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan" for Store Address; "Business Hour: 10-19" for Instruction.



Step 6

Click Upload File to upload the Excel file. 



Step 7

After uploading the file, click the Add button to create the store pick-up menu.



View from storefront

On the checkout page, after the customer selects "Store Pick-up" for the delivery method, they can see the drop-down menu below and select a store location for pick up.



2. Edit store pick-up menu

On the Delivery Options page, click Edit next to the delivery method.



In the store information section, merchants can find the list of pick-up stores that have been created. Click Upload again to update the store information Excel file.

Note: After the file is successfully re-uploaded, the new store information will overwrite the existing information.


[Coming Soon] New store information list

You can view the information of pick-up stores according to the supported language of the store.



3. Notes

  • The fast checkout page currently does not support the self pick-up option.
  • A preview of the store information file uploaded is not yet supported.
  • The store pick-up menu is not directly related to the country/region setting. The system will calculate the shipping fee based on the shipping country/region when the customers proceed to checkout.
  • Store pick-up does not yet support dynamic delivery fees.
  • When exporting the order report, to display the complete store information, please check the boxes for Address - All and Store Name.


  • Columns "Address - 1", "Address - 2", "Address - City" will show the content of Level 1, 2, 3.



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