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Through the inventory count feature in the Admin Panel, merchants can check the actual inventory quantity of the products in the store, and grasp the inventory counting progress and the results. This can facilitate the warehousing staff to quickly understand and adjust the book quantity and the actual inventory.


In this article, you'll find:


1. Inventory count features

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Inventory Management] > [Inventory Count] to view the inventory count entries.



Step 2

At the top of the inventory count page, you can filter and search the inventory list you want to view through inventory order number, date range, retail store, inventory count type, inventory count status, and inventory count result.


  • Inventory count type: Full, Partial
  • Inventory count status: New, Counting, Finished
  • Inventory count result: Unfinished, Unmatched, Matched, Adjusting, Adjusted

The following are the different conditions of inventory status and inventory results.

1. Inventory count status: New

After adding an inventory count on the POS app, yet to tap Inventory Count, the status of the inventory count in the Admin Panel appears New, and the inventory result is Unfinished.


2. Inventory count status: Counting

After tapping Inventory Count on the POS app, regardless it is in progress or on pause (tap Leave), the status of the count entry appears Counting with the result of Unfinished


3. Inventory count status: Finished

When the staff in charge taps Complete on the POS app, the status changes to Finished with the result of either Matched or Mismatched.


If the count result is "Mismatched", the staff in charge can tap Inventory Count Adjustment on the POS app to change the result from Adjusting to Adjusted



2. Inventory count information

Click on the inventory count order you want to view, and you can see three tabs: Inventory Count InformationInventory Count Item(s), Undefined Product(s)


1. Information

Merchants and staff can view information like Created DateInventory Count Type / Status / Result, Retail StoreCounting Staff, etc.
Note: The field of Adjusting Staff will appear if the inventory count result is adjusted. 



If the inventory status is "New", you can click Edit to modify the three fields of Retail Store, Counting Staff, and Note.

If the inventory status is Counting or Finished, you can only modify the Note field by clicking Edit.



2. Inventory count items 

The number next to the tab is the total number of items in that inventory count. If the inventory count result is "Mismatched", you can check the Expected, Counted, and Difference of products in that inventory count.

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Click Shortages to view products whose counted quantity is less than expected. The number in the Difference column will appear red and negative.

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Click Surpluses to view products whose counted quantity is more than expected. The number in the "Difference" column will appear green and positive.

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3. Undefined products

During the counting process, if you manually enter a barcode on the POS app and the system does not have a record of the product, the new product will appear in the "Undefined Products" tab. Only the barcode and counted quantity will be displayed in this tab.



4. Action log

Actions like "create / edit inventory count" and "update inventory count status / result / information" are recorded in the action log under the inventory information block.



3. Inventory adjustment log

Merchants who are using ONE Omni Channel feature can check the record from the inventory adjustment log. 

1. ONE Omni Channel

Step 1. Go to [ONE Omni Channel] > [Products], then click on Manage next to the product whose inventory has been adjusted. 


Step 2. Click on Inventory Logs.


Step 3. In the inventory log, you can view the inventory adjustment. Click Check Invoice to view the inventory count list.



2. Purchase, sales, inventory report

Step 1. In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Report & Analytics] > [Shoplytics] > [Products] > [Purchase, Sales & Inventory]EN fix 5.png

Step 2. In the report, you can view the adjusted numbers in the inventory in the "Adjusted In" and "Adjusted Out" fields. EN fix 6.png


4. Export inventory count report

1. Export multiple reports 

Step 1. To export multiple records, click Export at the upper right.


Step 2. Select to export the inventory list of "Current Page" or "Customized Range".


Step 3. A report (in the format shown below) will be sent to your email. 


2. Export individual report

Step 1. Click on the inventory record you want to export, and click Export at the top right of the page.


Step 2. Check the type to be exported.


Step 3. A report (in the format shown below) will be sent to your email. EN fix 4.png


5. Remarks

  • Please note that the inventory cannot be restored after deletion.



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