Edit Invoice Details

ECSC.pngWith this function, in case a customer fills in a wrong tax ID number, address or other invoice-related information, merchants can help modify the invoice details in the Admin Panel.

In this article, you'll find:

1. How to edit invoice details 

Step 1

Go to [SHOPLINE Admin Panel] [Order Management][Order]. Click on the order number to edit invoice details 


Step 2

Go to the Receipt Details section and click Edit.

*Note: the edit button only appears when the invoice is not yet issued or void.


Invoice can be void when its status is active.



Step 3

You can edit the type of invoice request, and filled in the corresponding fields. You can find the example for issuing uniform invoice below:

  1. Select Uniform invoice.
  2. Modify the information needed and click Save to complete.


A notification window will appear when the invoice is successfully updated. 
Note: click Issue Invoice to officially issue the updated invoice. 



2. Overview of invoice request types and required information

Invoice type

Corresponding field

Required information

Non-physical electronic


Membership carrier

N/A(Invoice information will be sent via email)

Mobile barcode


Citizen Digital Certificate barcode


Donate invoice

Donation Units

(Select from the drop-down menu)

Uniform invoice

  • Company Name
  • Tax ID
  • Send to (delivery address)
  • Company Name
  • The system automatically checks the validity of the tax ID
  • Address text limit is 100 characters

Duplicate uniform invoice

Send to (delivery address)

Address text limit is 100 characters


3. Remarks

  • This feature currently supports merchants that use services from Cetustek, and have enabled invoice feature. 
  • This feature currently does not support changing tax type for invoices. If you wish to change the tax type, you can do so by splitting the orders - split the parent order into child orders. Only the child orders can change the tax type.
    Here is the example: 


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