MYR Store | SHOPLINE Payments (Credit Card) Application Process

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*Only supports MYR stores

*Only supports Credit & Debit Card payments (Local credit card/Foreign credit card)

SHOPLINE Payments is integrated with our SHOPLINE Admin Panel for easy activation. SHOPLINE Payments is free to apply and use, no setup fee and the annual fee are required.  Each transaction fee is 1.8%(Local credit card) or 3.3% (Foreign credit card), not including 6% SST.
Note: SHOPLINE reserves the right to modify transaction fees without prior notice.


This article contains the following:
The application step is divided into two parts, this allows online stores to use SHOPLINE Payments services more quickly and safely. 

You only need to do 1 time of Basic KYC and Advanced KYC activation. If you've completed both KYC verification actions when applying SHOPLINE Payment(Credit card), kindly contact our admin panel supports team to request to enable the feature. 

Basic Verification (Basic KYC) - Register to activate payment collection

Step 1: Application & Setup

Login to SHOPLINE Admin Panel > “Settings” > “Payment Setting” > Click “Activate now”



Step 2: Basic KYC Verification - Payment Accept Activation

In this page, please fill in all your information based on the information required for an individual account or company account. Please read & tick “agree” on the privacy policy & terms of service, press submit.

Kindly take note:

  • All given name & bank account will be automatically brought to Advanced KYC for verification, please make sure you fill in the valid & correct information during this stage;
  • Basic KYC application review takes 7-14 working days.


Step 3: Basic Verification Completed

Once basic KYC verification is completed, your shop can start to accept payment with SHOPLINE Payments (Credit card). You will need to add the payment option in the Admin Panel: SHOPLINE Payments (Credit card)

Login to admin panel > "Settings" > "Payment Options" > ''Add'' > ''SHOPLINE Payments'' > ''Credit card'' > Edit the name of payment method > Click ''Add''



The added SHOPLINE Payments (Credit card) payment option will be created as "hidden". Please click the "Publish" button to make it public for customers to use. 


When SHOPLINE Payments is being “Published”, the system will automatically link [Powered by SHOPLINE Payments] to the footer of your storefront. 

*This footer does not support deletion or removal



Advanced Verification (Advanced KYC) - Complete the submission of detailed information to enable the payment payouts

Step 4: Advanced KYC verification - Payout Activation

Login to Admin Panel > "Settings" > "Payment Options" > Click "Activate Now":


Please proceed to submit a copy of NRIC, Company registration certificate, monthly bank statement (Submit only the first page, one statement from the past 6 months), personal / company bank account. Please read & tick “Agree” on the Privacy Policy & Terms of Service, press submit.


Advance KYC review takes 3-5 working days. 


Step 5: Advanced KYC verification completed

Once Advanced KYC verification is completed, payments will be automatically processed with payout and the payouts will be remitted to the bank account provided within the same day + 6 days.

You may go to Admin Panel > top right corner > ''Hello, xxx'' > SHOPLINE Payments account to check the information for next payouts
** Note: Minimum amount for payout - MYR 50 (auto proceed daily payout)


SHOPLINE Payments Transaction fee calculation method

SHOPLINE Payments Credit Card - Transaction Fees stated here are not including 6% SST
Note: SHOPLINE reserves the right to modify transaction fees without prior notice.

  • Transaction Fee: 1.8% (Local credit card)
  • Transaction Fee: 3.3% (Foreign credit card)
  • Settlement period: T+6 working days

Transaction fee calculation example:

  1. If the order amount is MYR 100 and paid by local credit card (ie: MBB, RHB, PBB, CIMB etc...), the transaction fee included 6% SST is 1.91%

    MYR 100 x 1.91% = MYR 1.91

  2. If the order amount is MYR 100 and paid by foreign credit card (ie: credit cards issued by other countries), the transaction fee included 6% SST is  3.5%

    MYR 100 x 3.5% = MYR 3.5


About Refund:

SHOPLINE payment (Credit Card) will support order refund settings in the admin panel. Full or partial refunds made by SHOPLINE Payments require one working day to be processed. Customers will have the refunded amount credited to their credit card used to make the order approximately within 5 - 7 working days. However, the actual time it takes to complete a refund will depend on the process/timeframe given by the customer’s issuing bank. 

  1. Using SHOPLINE Payments' refund feature will incur an RM 0.50 transaction charge. Although the full refund amount will be deposited on a customer's card, this transaction charge will also be deducted by the system. 
  2. After you have finished making a refund, the system will change the payment status of the order automatically. It is not possible to manually change the payment status/refund status after this (excluding child orders). 
  3. The refund feature is not currently available for child orders in a parent/child order split. After refunding the parent order you must then manually edit the payment status of the child order.


About Chargeback:

Our chargeback fee is RM 50.00.

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