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If your store offers multilingual language options, you can add supporting languages ​​to the page and URL structure and optimize Google search results for your website. You can also accumulate SEO in the same URL by putting the language code in the URL. Labeling Hreflang can also help search engines understand the page structure and optimize SEO as well. 

Note: To enable this feature, please go to [Apps] > [Apps Store] and install Language in URL for SEO


1. Installation 

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Apps] > [App Sotre] and find the app of Language in URL for SEO. Click it open and click Install Now.截圖 2023-07-31 上午11.03.14.png


2. Introduction

  • When the language code is enabled, and the customer chooses to switch to another language, the language path will be entered on the website.

    For example,

    Switching storefront language [Original] 

    After enabling language code:

  • This path will continue to exist in any pages browsed by customers. (Click to view Pages supported by the system)
  • After the language code is enabled, the customer will view the default language when they first enter the website, and no language code will appear on the website.
  • When customers switch other website languages, the URL of the current page will be changed in the form of domain/{locale}/products/{product name}. When switching back to the store's default language, the current URL will also have the path domain/{locale}/products/{product name} for the default language.


3. Pages that support this feature

  Details Website

Text Page

Advanced Page

Express Checkout Pages


All product pages

Product detail pages

Search result page

Category Product categories /categories
Promotion Campaign page /promotions


4. Notes

  • This feature does not affect the existing SEO of the store.
  • Clicking old URL will not start the code application. It will be applied only when the customer switches to another language after entering the website.
  • This feature will not affect the page loading speed when switching languages.
  • After enabling the feature, you can still use the old language parameter (xxx/xx/?locale=en) URL to load the page.






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