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Bianco is an elegant and sleek theme template that is perfectly suitable for selling boutique clothing, jewellery, 3C electronic products, and cosmetics.

If you are looking for a theme template where you can put high-resolution product images or create a minimalist, classic style for the website, Bianco is the one you're looking for. With the sidebar navigation, it allows customers to browse the products quickly with full-width images of products.  Without further ado, let's create a store that fits your brand's style!

*Note: You cannot change the store layout if your store is using an official plan and only the “Social Commerce” plan. 



1. Customize the theme color and font 

A. Custom the theme background color 

The customizable color will be displayed on buttons, pre-order reminders, members-only icons, shopping cart, and labels to match your brand image and enhance the aesthetics of your store.

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Online Store Design] > [Design], then click on the Bianco theme.


Use color code to alter the buttons, key information, and underline colors of the entire site, please use the HEX 6-digit color code. (Avoid using light colors to improve readability)

Color Code Reference:




B. Custom the style of the font 

We provide two types of font for the Bianco theme, Muli and Lora. Once applied, the entire site will be replaced with the font of choice.


Muli - is suitable for modern, trendy or minimalist products. 
Lora - is more suitable for vintage, fashion and the classic.


2. Product categories and product details page 

Bianco's store catalog is displayed on the side of the page, so product images are clearly visible at a larger size, allowing merchants to use more beautiful product images to introduce and market their products.

A. Desktop Site  

A special feature of this layout - the sidebar navigation. Quickly switch between pages no matter which one the customer goes to.

When the mouse cursor is on the sidebar button, it will automatically expand the menu, which is suitable for many tabs and product categories.


For sidebar menu setting, please refer to: Menu Navigation 

For product category settings, please refer to: Categories and Products Ordering


B. Mobile website 

Bianco's mobile design is one of the highlights of this template - Bottom Navigation.

It’s easy to switch between pages and has thoughtful consideration for the mobile user's customer.


C. Product Detail Page 

Main product images are not shown in thumbnails. To view the product images, just scroll down to the bottom of the page without clicking on the image to enlarge.



The product description, Shipping & Payment section are below the main image to keep the customer focused on the product image itself.




3. Use Banner to present your marketing Ads and create a beautiful website!

Placing a full-page banner on the home page to create a brand image and attract customers.


How to set up a full-width banner:

Location: Admin Panel > Online Store Design > Pages > Home > Edit 

Using the image elements, you can select "Show full-width image" and "Remove top and bottom padding" in the setting after uploading. You can also upload multiple pictures to display in rotation.

Merchants can also use the "Upload Phone Version" feature to cater to their mobile phone customers.

Try this compressed image tool! It will help your website run faster!



4. Product Image Suggested Size

The default size of the product provided by Bianco will vary according to the size of the user's window to achieve the best possible product view.

If you want the pictures to be neat and tidy, you can set the product picture size to default. The default ratio is 3:4, as the size of the picture will be scaled, the recommended size is:

Suggested photo size: 825px (W) x 1100px(H)

Location: Admin Panel > Online Store Design > Design > Advances Settings > Select “Crop product images to fill the product box “


5. Product Variations 

As with all themed templates, Bianco also offers a variety of color options to enhance the aesthetics of the store and fit the context of the product variations

Location: Products and Categories > Products > Edit > Variations

Click "Edit Image Selector" and check "Show image selector on product details page" 

Location: Setting > Product Setting > Variation Display Style

Select a display style for products' variation on the shop.

For more information, please refer to:Customized Variant Selector with Image



6. Blog layout design

Bianco's blog layout is responsive, with the first image of the article automatically used as the cover page, and the height and layout adjusted according to the proportion of the article title and cover page length.


The images on the blog page of this layout also change according to the size of the window, which is especially suitable for posts with large and beautiful images. 

These are the features of Bianco, try it out now!






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