Product Barcode Generation Mechanism and Settings



1. SL POS product barcode generation mechanism 

When the merchant creates a product in the SHOPLINE POS system, the system automatically randomly generates a set of 8-digit barcode for the product. The Code 128 barcode symbology is always used for products at the storefront and the Admin, as well as the SHOPLINE system.

What are EAN and UPC-A barcodes?

The UPC-A bar code is a 12-digit barcode symbology that is widely 
used worldwide for trading.

Later, to faciliate barcode circulation and
to enhance usage universality, the GS1
organisation added a one-digit Country/Region code at the front of
the original UPC-A barcode for use in different regions.
The Country/Region code of the United States and Canada is set to 0. This 0 will not be printed on the barcode.
That is to say, the two forms of barcode are exactly the same
(shown in the images below).
- EAN = 0012345678905  (13 digits)
- UPC = 012345678905 (12 digits)

2. Barcode scanner default settings

The factory setting of the Bluetooth scanner model of the SHOPLINE POS system operates in UPC-A mode. When the scanner encounters EAN-13 barcode whose first digit is not 0, it reads all 13 numbers. However, if it encounters EAN13 whose first digit is 0, 7ci will automatically omit the first 0 and read the 12 digits only.

3. What can't I see the product after scanning?

If the product barcode is in the format of the EAN13 with the first digit of 0, and the product barcode entered in the Admin is also 13 digits (e.g. 0012345678905, with 0 at the front), it will result in a "Product not found" situation. 

If the merchant encounters the above situation, please reset the barcode scanner. Please refer to this article for the instruction.

  • The scanner reads: 012345678905
  • Barcode entry saved in the Admin: 0012345678905

4. Scanner setting adjustment

Merchants can adjust the scanner settings so that the scanner will not filter out the first digit 0 and read the 13 digits completely, which means that the country/region code is added to the Admin system to process and print the barcode. SHOPLINE consultant will assist merchants in setting up the scanner at the first installation. For any questions, please contact the consultant who helped with the installation. 


A situation might occur: If the merchant purchased products from the United States whose original product barcode is UPC-A (12 digits), and the merchant uses the original product barcode instead of printing and using the barcode label produced by the SHOPLINE POS, the system will add 0 to the barcode upon scanning to avoid failure in product search. 
The scanner reads: 0885178831898
Barcode entry saved in the Admin: 885178831898
If merchants encounter the above situation, please redo the scanner settings. Please refer to this article for details of the setup.  
Please also refer to this article for details about EAN and UPC-A barcodes:
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