Create and Switch Shopping Carts for Multiple Customers | POS App

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Retail store staff can save the products in the shopping cart for more than one customer at the same time. Up to six shopping carts can be created on the POS app. In case a customer needs to replace or purchase another product, the staff can hold their shopping cart and assist the next customer to check out. The staff can switch the shopping cart flexibly to complete the unfinished checkout process.

The following illustrates how to add more than one shopping cart, switch shopping carts, and delete shopping carts in order.


1. Add shopping cart

Tap the "+" icon next to the shopping cart to add another shopping cart. A maximum of six shopping carts can exist at the same time.


2. Switch shopping cart

Tap the "" button next to the shopping cart number to switch among different shopping carts.


3. Delete shopping cart 

After the shopping cart is checked out, it will be removed by itself. To delete a shopping cart that has not been checked out, tap the "rubbish bin" button next to the shopping cart to remove it.






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