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Merchants can now build their own shop image gallery without using other third-party platforms. 


1. Upload Images

Go to [SHOPLINE Admin Panel] > [Settings] > [Image Gallery] and upload the images from your computer.



Selecting multiple images and bulk upload to the image gallery is allowed.

Note: The current upload limit is 100 images at a time.


When multiple pictures are selected and uploaded together, the order in the picture library list will be based on the order in which the pictures are processed by the system.



2. Search image

In the image gallery search field, you can enter the image name to search for the image. Please refer to the following search example:
Search in English
  • If the picture name is "picture-001.jpg", enter part of the name to search for this picture. For example, input "picture", "001", "jpg".
  • You can also search for this picture by entering the hyphenated prefix. For example, input "pi", "pic", "pictu", "00", "jp".
  • If you enter the middle string, you will not be able to search for this picture. For example, entering "ict", "ctu".

*Note: The entered text with a space in between is regarded as two phrases. For example, input "picture 001" to search for the image "picture-shoes-001.jpg" but cannot search for the image "picture.jpg".



3. Select Images

1. Main Product Image

Go to [Products & Categories] > [Products], and you can select the product main image from Image Gallery. You can also refer to Upload Products for more details. 



2. Product Description/Text page/Blog/Broadcast Image

When inserting images from the editor, you will select between options to select images from the Gallery or uploading images from the computer.

Please refer to these FAQs for details:



4. Remarks

1. This feature is available according to the plan/module listed below: 

  • e-Commerce / Social Commerce / Retail POS plans:30,000 images (same amount for merchants using multiple plans)
  • After purchasing the "Advance Store Management Tools" module:100,000 images in total

2. SHOPLINE has fully upgraded to SSL encrypted environment, the image URL generated in the Image Gallery begins with "https://". This can prevent some browsers from being unable to display non-secure URL images.

3. For uploading a QR code image, please use the PNG file. JPEG files undergo compression when uploaded to the internet, which may lead to image distortion and unsuccessful scanning.






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