Breadcrumb is to guide the consumer on the page, tell the consumer where the page is and where is customer from. Consumers can also use this path back to the category page to improve the convenience of consumers to shop.

At the same time, it can also help search engine crawlers to crawl your store's website structure and content, so that search engines can better understand where each page is located.



Breadcrumb navigation bar path display rules

First rule

If the product is in multiple categories the same time, when the user reaches the product page from one of the category pages, the breadcrumb navigation bar of the product page will display the entered category.

  • Example 1 : Product X exists in both "Category A" and "Category B". If the consumer enters ProductX from "Category B", the breadcrumb navigation on the PDP of Product X will show "Category" B ".EN_Step2.png
  • Example 2: Product X exists in both "Category A >> Sub-Category A-2" and "Category B >> Sub-Category B-1". If the consumer chooses "Category A >> Sub-category A-2" If you enter Product X, the breadcrumb navigation on the PDP of Product X will show "Category A >> Sub-category A-2".EN_Step1.png


Second rule

If we don't know from which category the consumer entered the product, the system will display the classification path where the product exists at the top of the "Categories" in the admin panel.

  • Example: Product Y exists in both "Category C" and "Category D", and the "Category D" is ranked higher than "Category C" in"Categories" in the admin panel. Therefore, if you share the PDP of Product Y to facebook or other communities, after consumers click the Product Y link to enter PDP of Product Y, the breadcrumbs on the PDP of Product Y will show "Category D".


Third rule

If the products in the "Featured Products" preset by the system and multiple other categories. When sorting by rule 2, the system will exclude the category of "Featured Products" from participating in the sorting.

  • Example: Product Z also exists in "Featured Products", "Category A", "Category B", and "Category C". And this 4 categories sorted in "Featured Products"  is "Featured Products >> Category A >> Category B >> Category C". Therefore, if you directly share the PDP of Product Z to Facebook or other communities, after consumers click the link to enter, the bread crumb on the PDP of Product Z will show "Category A"

The category "Featured Products" appears in the breadcrumbs navigation bar. Only when consumers enter from the category page ( /categories) of "Featured Products" will appear in the path. Consumers entering from the "Featured Products"  by "Category element" in the "Advanced Page" will follow "Rule 2", and the highest ranking category will be displayed on the product page.






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