Promotion Page Setting


After setup Sales & Promotions , Promotion Page will be automatically created and you can edit SEO & Banner of promotion page and go to Menu Navigation to add page as menu item. 




A. Edit SEO & Banner of Promotion Page

Promotion Page only support Bundle Pricing / Product-Level / Category-level Promotion. When you get in Sales & Promotions promotion list, you can see icon External link symbol free icon beside each campaign. Click it and will direct to promotion page in storefront. If you want to edit more setting of promotion page, click Edit and pick Page & SEO


Step 1. Setup Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO Preview is only available when title and description are put in.


Step 2. Edit Promotion Term & Condition

  • We only allow 500 words in Tern & Condition
  • You can edit English & Chinese version. Both are optional fields.
  • Default wording as following but you can clear or edit it by yourself.
*Promotion applied is subject to order summary shown in shopping cart.
*Promotion valid period is based on time zone in merchant's country/region.
*Customer should checkout with valid payment & delivery method to enjoy promotion.
*Customer should login to checkout for member-only promotion.


Step 3. Upload Promotion Banner

  • please upload any image in JPG or PNG format, recommended image size to be 1920 x 400 pixel
  • We only allow ONE banner to be show on storefront for each promotion, and will show the same banner for both English & Chinese version shop
  • After you upload the banner image and save, the banner will show on storefront immediately


Step 4. Make sure click "Save" Button after completed the above steps.


 B. Add Promotion Page to Storefront Menu

You can go to Navigation & Pages > Menu Navigation to add Promotion Page as menu item.

Step 1.

Menu item type: select "Promotion Pages"

Step 2.

Select Promotions: Dropdown list will show published promotions which are not expired.

Step 3.

Make sure to click "Add" to complete the step

 You can drag or move menu item as parent/child menu.


After setup, you can see promotion page in your storefront menu.


Note: If promotion is Unpublished/Removed/Expired, the promotion page will NOT be automatically removed from storefront menu since you added to it. You should removed the page from menu item manually.


C. Promotion Page Layout in Storefront

When Promotion is on going

  • Area 1. Promotion Banner
  • Area 2. End Date & Target Group
    • if the promotion never expire, End Date will not display on the page
  • Area 3. Promotion Purchase Condition
    • Click Term & Condition and the info will shown in popup
  • Area 4. Promotion Name
  • Area 5. Selected Products of Promotion
  • Area 6. Promotion Cart
    • show the selected products added to the cart

When Promotion haven't start yet

  • Customer can still view the page with promotion products and will see the start date with "Promotion Coming Soon" wording.



Promotion is expired

  • Customer will see "Promotion Ends" in the middle of page and will be redirected to homepage in 5 seconds

Promotion is unpublished

  • No matter promotion valid period, customer will see "Unpublished promotion" wording and will be redirected to homepage in 5 seconds


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